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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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Maintain Your Walkway



Whether they walk up brick or concrete, your walkway is the first thing visitors see. Keep it well maintained, hazard-free and clean by regularly maintaining it. This regular upkeep will launch your home’s curb appeal into the stratosphere!


How To:

  1. 1

    First, take a quick peek at your walkway after dark. Are your lights all working? Do you need to replace any bulbs?

  2. 2

    During the day, remove dirt, debris and pollen from your walkway with a bristled broom. Simply sweep it into your yard or into a dustpan.

  3. 3

    To remove stuck dirt and grime on your walkway, use dishwashing detergent. Liberally sprinkle the detergent over the walkway, and then pour hot water onto the detergent. Scrub the detergent into the walkway, and then rinse it with clean water. Let it fully dry.

  4. 4

    If you have oil or grease stains on your walkway surface, read: Remove Oil Stains From Your Garage & Driveway. The same practices apply to a walkway.

  5. 5

    If your walkway is lined with weeds, make a homemade weed concoction of 1 oz. of vodka for every two cups of water and a squirt of dish soap. With a plastic spray bottle, spray the vodka weed killer on the stem and base of the weeds. Within 24 hours, the weeds should be wilted. If they’re not, re-spray until they begin to wilt. Once they’re wilted, pull them out. Tip: If you live in an extremely dry climate, water the weeds before applying the weed killer. It will help the solution travel through the soil to the roots.

  6. 6

    Because walkways are often in the shade, mold is a common problem. If left alone, mold will erode the concrete or brick and ruin your walkway. Mold can be black, white, green or yellow and looks spongy. To kill mold naturally, fill a spray bottle with undiluted white vinegar. Liberally spray the vinegar directly onto the mold. There's no need to rinse it away!

    If white vinegar doesn't do the trick and you aren't worried about curious kids or pets snooping around, mix two gallons of hot water with two cups of powdered bleach. Once the bleach has dissolved completely, pour the mixture onto the mold and allow it to sit for at least twenty minutes. Then, scrub the area with a coarse-bristled brush and rinse it with clean water. If your walkway isn’t in direct sun, push any excess water off of the walkway to avoid future mold problems.

  7. 7

    Check your sprinkler system. When it’s on, does the water hit the walkway? Remember: mold loves a damp environment, so rearrange your sprinklers so they aren’t watering your walkway.

  8. 8

    For brick walkways: If your walkway is brick, never use a brush made from wire. They will rip into the brick and ruin your walkway.

  9. 9

    If one of your bricks is damaged, use a chisel and hammer to lightly chip away at the mortar until the brick is completely removed. Continue chiseling until the inside of the hole is completely smooth. Use a spray bottle, and dampen the inside of the hole. Mix fresh mortar (use S mortar, it’s best for outdoor projects) and then spread the wet mortar inside the hole with a trowel. With the mortar still wet, press your new brick into the hole. Fill the holes around the new brick with mortar, too. To smooth the mortar around the brick, use a jointing tool (they’re about $10 at hardware stores). Remove any excess mortar with water and allow the brick to dry overnight.

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