Frequently Asked Questions

BrightNest Professional

How do I update or use a different credit card?

Please sign in at and click on “My Account” to review or edit your payment information.

Can I manually renew my subscription after my account has been closed?

Yes. At any time, you can manually renew your subscription and regain access to your customized alerts and home documents.

Is my personal information secure?

BrightNest is running on secure servers in a state-of-the-art data center. Additionally, we do not store any of your financial data. All financial transactions are processed by a best-in-class provider Stripe Payments.

Can I track invitations?

Yes. We built a powerful interface that allows you to track your accepted invitations and see who is using your branded version of the site.

Can I purchase additional gift subscriptions?

Great question. Email

Do you offer group discounts for affiliates?

Great question. Email

How does billing work?

With the monthly plan, you are billed every month. On the annual plan, you are billed every year. It's as simple as that. You can change or cancel your subscription at any time and will be pro-rated the difference in price.

What type of information can I include in my profile?

You can stay top-of-mind with clients by including your photo/logo, social media links and contact information in the profile that appears on their dashboard. Your profile will also include a simple referral tool so clients can easily recommend you to friends and family.

What happens if I close my account?

If you cancel your account at any point, your client gift subscriptions will remain active, but your profile and all company branding WILL be removed from their dashboards and weekly emails immediately.

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