BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.


BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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Who Knew Hashtags Could Kill Clutter? #YONO!




How many wine openers do you own?

We’re here to tell you that like kidneys, you only need one wine opener! And unlike kidneys, tossing out your spares is easy and surgery-free. All you have to do is think #YONO and give it away.

YONO is our new favorite mantra. Not only does it clear the clutter, it forces you to assess how you really live. If you have five dog beds in your two-bedroom home, maybe it’s time to reassess how often all five are being used and clear up some floor space.

Ready to give it a shot? Here are a 7 items that you only need one of in your home to be happy. #YONO:

1. Tablets

Let’s play a game. Put up a finger for each tablet you own. Ready? iPad. iPad Mini. Kindle. Nook. Galaxy. Digiland. Nabi.

There are more on the market, but I think we’ve made our point. If you have more than one finger up, here’s a little secret: They all pretty much do the same thing! We know, you love the apps on the iPad, but maybe you prefer the screen on the Nook. We get it. But, really, you only need one! Open yourself up to a tablet compromise and pick your favorite. Then donate your second (or third) tablet to someone and make their day. (Or sell it and make your own day.)

2. Tools

Unless you have multiple family members doing serious DIY projects simultaneously, you only need one set of tools. Really! Not only will you stay more organized – because excess tools equal excessive clutter – you’ll be able to assess what you really use. If you’re all about that screwdriver, but have never touched the taper jig, you can reduce clutter even more. If you only have one of each tool, it’ll be easy for you to keep track of what’s used, what isn’t, and what’s just wasting space.

Note: If you’re a DIY fiend and really do use your sledge, claw and club hammers on the reg, ignore what we said. Hammer away!

3.  Measuring Cups

Imagine you’re making brownies. You measure chocolate. You measure flour. You measure water and oil.

In your imaginary brownie-fest (anyone else hungry?) did you picture more than one measuring cup? Probably not, because more than one is pointless! When it comes to basic cooking, a single two-cup measuring cup will do the trick. Anything else is taking up precious cabinet space.

4. Pet Clutter

How many toys does one dog need? The answer: ONE. Your pup may jump for joy at every new squeaky toy, but at the end of the day, they would have been just as happy with the old toy at the bottom of the bin. To them, you’re the excitement. And when you’re giving them a new toy, they’re happy that you’re giving them attention – it isn’t about the toy! It’s about you. So give your pup some more love and skip the dog toy aisle at Target until that plastic bone is truly demolished.

5. Computers

(See 1. Tablets)

Give us one good reason for you to own three personal computers. Go on, we’ll wait for it. In this day and age, one computer will do it all (especially if “it all” is mostly Facebook). Save yourself some space and get some easy cash by selling your extra computers!

6. Sports Equipment

Is your name Serena Williams? No? Then you probably don’t need the five tennis rackets that are taking up space in your garage. (Just a hunch.) Sporting equipment can seem to multiply overnight, and unless you’re a diehard aficionado of the sport, you only need one of each item. One basketball, one football, one tennis racket, one bicycle. One will do!

7. Wine Openers

We see you over there, girl with 15 wine openers. How did that happen? You probably don’t know, exactly. Sometimes they’re gifts, and sometimes you just need one in a pinch, but all of the time they’re unnecessary. Save yourself some drawer space and ditch the extra openers. Even if you’re opening two bottles at the same time, you can do one. And then the second one. Boom! #YONO.

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