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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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Where Did I Put That, Again? 5 Quick Organizing Tips

Between work, soccer practice, errands and dinner duty it’s hard to enough to keep your house relatively clean, much less well-organized. It’s worth taking the extra time to put things in place, though – did you know that an organized house can actually make you happier?

Photo: Domestic Imperfection | HomeTalk

If you’re not sure where to start wrangling your clutter, here are five real-life solutions to common clutter areas around the house. These tips were hand-picked from members of HomeTalk, an online home improvement community.

Your Pantry. When’s the last time you organized your pantry? If finding ingredients feels more like an epic-quest than a short step on the way to dinner, it’s time to reevaluate your cupboards. Using mason jars or labeled baskets like Design, Dining and Diapers is a great way to separate commonly used items from those holiday-specific sprinkles.

 The Mail Room. So maybe you don’t have a mail room, but there’s probably a table, chair or floor space in your house that looks like one. Instead of letting the bills pile up, try this kitchen command-center idea from Domestic Imperfection. By sorting mail into “outbox,” “needs attention,” and “coupons and gift cards” bins, you’ll be able to focus on urgent stuff right away and save the catalogues for a later date!

Your Kitchen Counter. Your countertops are precious real estate, so clear the clutter with a wall storage system. No. 29 Design simply hung her baking supplies and gadgets a few inches off of her counter. Fill your rack with chalkboard paint labeled jars, and you’ve got yourself an art piece!

Your Jewelry Collection. We’ve touted how easy it is to organize jewelry with old teacups and baking pans, but what do you do if you want to hang your collection on the wall? Bles-ID suggests grabbing your vegetable steamer (how often do you really use that, anyway?) and tacking it up – it’s the perfect way to display earrings!  

The Linen Closet. Makeup, toiletries, towels and beauty tools can quickly turn your linen closet into an organization disaster zone. Reevaluate everything in your closet periodically and toss anything you don’t use. When you’re reorganizing your closet, try rolling your towels like DIY Design Fanatic – they’ll take up less space and look better! 

HomeTalk is an online forum where homeowners, renters and pros share ideas and help each other with home and gardening tasks. You can ask questions, see real-life examples and even give advice. 

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