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Upcycle This: Take-Out Containers

If you need some organization help, but aren’t feeling super motivated right this instant, here’s a solution: take-out containers!

That’s right, the same boxes that bring you chicken lo-mein can be cleaned and repurposed for organization. Plus, it’s always a good idea to reuse and recycle around the house – both for your wallet and the environment. Here are four ways to give different take-out containers a second life:

Photo: urbanfixx | Etsy

Styrofoam. The next time you get a Styrofoam container from your carry out order, turn it into a stamp! With a chopstick or pen, you can draw (by carefully pushing into the foam) a design on the lid of a Styrofoam box. Because the material is so malleable, it will push through to the other side and make an instant stamp! Check out this step-by-step tutorial from Kleas to make your own Styrofoam stamps.

Chinese take-out boxes. These paper containers can hold more than just white or brown rice. Wash them out to reuse them as party favors, unique gift wrap or even DIY paper lanterns. Paper boxes (as well as to-go cups) can also make great planters for starting seedlings indoors!

Plastic. Have you been racking up plastic to-go containers from that Italian place up the block? Congratulations, you just unknowingly received a new set of Tupperware! Many restaurant to-go containers are microwave and dishwasher safe, so they’re perfect for leftovers. Just be sure to check the bottom of the containers for symbols or words that indicate it’s a microwave safe container (or ask the restaurant before you leave).

Chopsticks. If you order Chinese food enough times, you’re bound to have a few extra chopsticks around the house. String them together for a trivet, or assemble them into wall art with a little glue and spray paint. If you want to make the collection of chopsticks a permanent addition to your kitchen, give them some flare by painting the ends bright colors!

Photo: PartyGurlShoppe | Etsy

Photo: storiebrookie | Etsy

Photo: leboxboutique | Etsy

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