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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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Do you have a washing machine?


Turn Your Laundry Detergent into a Love Potion

Warning: This detergent recipe may have steamy side effects.

Cleaning your sheets with a detergent that smells like a mountain valley or a spring morning is…nice. But it’s not very romantic. If your love life could use a helping hand this week, why not try something with a little more oomph?

Like lavender.

You may have heard that lavender is good for dry skin, but did you know that it’s an aphrodisiac, too? That’s right, this purple flower is basically Barry White, but in plant form. So if you need to clean your sheets, but you don’t mind getting them a little dirty right after, play around with this DIY detergent recipe:

1. Mix it up. Make a batch of homemade laundry detergent (it only takes about five minutes).

2. Drop it in. Add 12-15 drops of lavender essential oil and mix well. Be sure to break up any clumps with a fork so the oil is well-distributed.

3. Get fresh. Wash your bedding, linens and anything else you want to smell fabulous with two tablespoons of this lavender love potion.

4. Make it soft. For the final touch, add ¾ cup of vinegar (with a few more drops of lavender) during the rinse cycle. It’s a fabric softener, which means your sheets will become so fluffy that neither you (or your partner) will want to get out of bed. Ever.


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