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Trend Spotting for 2013: Geometric Shapes

Geometric patterns were huge on the fashion runway in 2012, so we’re willing to bet this bold design choice is going to dominate the 2013 home décor scene. (Color blocking’s meteoric rise followed a similar pattern.) Whether you choose basic shapes like triangles or complex polyhedrons, geometric patterns add sleek and symmetrical simplicity to any room.

Photo: OsikOsik | Etsy

Here are four ways you can take advantage of the geometry décor trend in your home:

1. Lighting. Installing new lights is a great way to bring geometry into a room without going shape-crazy. Choose angular lighting that emulates the delicacy of origami or celebrates nature’s hexagon: the honeycomb. 

Photo: ABJglassworks | Etsy

Photo: OrigamiByWingy | Etsy

Photo: TubeTorcher | Etsy

Photo: SocietyNatlIndustry | Etsy

Photo: Khalima | Etsy

Photo: SocietyNatlIndustry | Etsy

2. Floors. Repeating patterns of circles and squares have been used on floors for years (they were way ahead of their time). If you don’t want to commit to a major retiling project, opt for an area rug of interlocking shapes. That way, you won’t take attention away from the rest of the room’s décor. Just be sure that the color of your geometric rug will compliment or contrast well with other colors in the room.

Photo: West Elm



Photo: West Elm

Photo: West Elm

3. Walls. If you want a certain wall in the room to “pop,” geometric patterns are a go-to for functional, eye-catching artwork. Show off your shapes with unique shelving, color-contrasted wall art or clocks! Plus, if you ever get sick of the geometric trend, it’ll be no biggie to take the piece down. If you feel like diving headfirst into the geometric trend, go for wallpaper!

Photo: austinmadethis | Etsy

Photo: HandmadeRiot | Etsy

Photo: cutestencils | Etsy


Photo: austinmadethis | Etsy

Photo: YEAH! Rentals

Photo: AnotherCup | Etsy

Photo: handz | Etsy

Photo: pilotdesign | Etsy

Photo: WallStarGraphics | Etsy

Photo: RetroMenagerie | Etsy

Photo: maisonwares | Etsy

4. Accents. Sometimes a little goes a long way with bold patterns. If you’re looking for a low-key approach to geometric décor, start small. Try a few accent items like throw pillows, planters or modern mobiles, and then step it up a notch with larger pieces of furniture.

Photo: NeonVintageDesign | Etsy

Photo: CeramicaBotanica | Etsy

Photo: onemugaday | Etsy

Photo: CelestialVisions | Etsy

Photo: MiscellanyWay | Etsy

Photo: West Elm

Photo: InkBandit | Etsy

Photo: ABJglassworks | Etsy

Photo: GallivantingGirls | Etsy

Photo: snugstudio | Etsy

Photo: AMradio | Etsy

Photo: Triple7Recycled | Etsy

Photo: lovelyandstandard | Etsy

Photo: toocutecustomcrafts | Etsy

Photo: CandleSchmandle | Etsy

Photo: mahzerandvee | Etsy

Photo: toocutecustomcrafts | Etsy

Photo: ShadeonShape | Etsy

Photo: Ohleander

Photo: ABJglassworks | Etsy

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