BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.


BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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The Laziest (and Most Effective) BrightNest Staff Tricks




Laziness has a bad rap. But sometimes the little habits we call “lazy” are actually just examples of being smart and productive. Think about it: you’re saving time, saving money and saving brain power. If you’re following our logic, then “lazy” is really three times better than normal, boring old hard work.

The BrightNest staff has embraced this mentality with some little things around the house, and we're making life easier one task at a time. Here are our favorite (and most effective) tricks:

Jeff Foster: Dryer Sheets All Day

When I do my laundry, I used the old dryer sheet to dust my blinds, lampshades and television screen. It makes my apartment smells fresh and removes dust and dog hair from basically every surface.

Dani Perea: Fashion Forward Trick

Fashion is my thing. I always put off buying new boots, though, because I hate how painful those first few wears can be. To avoid this problem, I use my hairdryer to break in new boots. I put on a pair of thick socks, don my boots and blast them until they feel comfortable. I’ve saved myself from many blisters this way!

Brian Naslund: A Man and His Pot

I cook literally everything in a cast iron pot. That's the only piece of cookware that I own, which means it’s also the only one that I have to clean. Who needs anything else when you know that you’re only adding seasoning and making my pot even better? Plus, it’s a lot more versatile than some people given it credit for – I can make everything from apple butter to pork shoulder.

John Feustel: The Blender-Cleaning Smoothie Secret

My wife loves to make smoothies, which are delicious, but the blender is a huge pain to clean. Lately, to make it easier, we’ve been filling the blender halfway with warm water and a few drops of dish soap right after smoothie time. Then, we run the blender until the smoothie remnants wash away with the soap. It’s that easy.

Logan Chandler: Clean Yourself, Clean Your Shower

This isn’t exactly breaking news, but I take a shower every day. So, I started thinking, why not get my shower clean then, too? I have two spray bottles in my shower: One with baking soda and water, and one with vinegar. Basically I spray one, then I spray the other. Then I shower. My grout looks awesome!

Jessica Anderson: TV Time is Clean Time

My boyfriend likes to joke that I’m “not domesticated.” To prove him wrong, I speed clean during every commercial of my favorite shows. After an episode of Mad Men (before it ended, tears!), I’ve bought myself about 15 minutes of nonstop cleaning time. That’s more than enough time to pick up all of the little things that collect in our living room over a busy work week.

Allen Shulman: Denture Tablets FTW

I typically don’t mind cleaning, but I hate the chore of cleaning toilets. It’s just the worst. To make it easier, I’ve embraced denture tablets. They’re cheap, and I don’t even have to scrub. I just pop one or two in the toilet bowl before I go to sleep and let it do what it does overnight. In the morning, I know my toilet bowl will be clean.

Jessica Willingham: The Basket Trick

I’m a busy person, and sometimes knick-knacks, papers and who-knows-what pile up around my house. To make my space look organized without actually taking the time to organize, I use baskets, interesting boxes and bowls. The little things get put into a box, and the box is placed on a shelf where I can deal with it later. My home seems organized, and I stay sane.

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