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The Cheat Sheet: 3 Home Décor Tricks

With everything going on in your life – work, kids, dishes, your secret addiction to Real Housewives – the last thing you need to worry about is committing a home décor faux pas. There are a lot of rules, and it’s pretty much impossible to keep track of them all unless you’re an interior decorator. Are your rugs the right size? How ‘bout your curtains? Who knows?

Don’t panic! Here’s a quick cheat sheet for a few common home décor danger zones.

Photo: Lisa Ferguson | Decor Mentor

Dining room area rugs

If you’re planning on having a few people over for dinner next week (gobble, gobble), this is a good one to tackle right away. It’s always irritating to eat in a dining room where the rug isn’t big enough – you get stuck in that chair-rug limbo where it’s difficult to get comfortably situated. Ideally, your dining room rug should be large enough so that a person can pull their chair in and out without taking any of the four chair legs off the rug. Give your dining room rug a quick test drive and see if it passes!

Curtain panels

There are two extremely helpful rules when it comes to curtains: hang them as close to the ceiling as possible, and cover as little of the window as possible when they’re pulled open. These two things may not seem like a big deal, but you could wind up eclipsing almost two-thirds of your window real estate if you don’t take heed. This will block your beautiful view and significantly darken the room, so avoid it if you can!  

Hanging artwork

There aren’t many hard and fast rules about hanging artwork and mirrors. You can arrange them in unique patterns, put them in unexpected places or even be super rebellious and lean them instead of hanging. However, we do have one helpful guideline: The center of your artwork should hang at about 57” on center, which means the center is 57” from the floor. This looks best because 57” is average eye-level (it’s also the go-to height that most art galleries use). It’s probably not worth rearranging your entire room to make this height work, but if it’s convenient for you, give it a shot. For instructions on how to do this, read: Properly Hang Your Artwork.

Photo: Lisa Ferguson | Decor Mentor

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