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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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The Best Times to Do 7 Common Tasks




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If you can avoid the grocery store between 5 PM and 7 PM on weekdays, you’ll cut your shopping time in half. That’s a serious return on investment if you can work around a two-hour time frame.

When it comes to running errands and getting things done, efficiency is key. Here’s a breakdown of when to do common chores and tasks to help you capitalize on time:

Note: To really see the benefits of changing the time you do certain tasks, let's say your time is worth $20 per hour.

In the Morning

Water Your Lawn

If you water your lawn after sunrise, those hot rays will evaporate your water. Lawn-watering prime time is between 5 AM and 7 AM, before the sun shines. Hello, lower water bills.

Savings: If you have to rewater your lawn, you'll lose an hour of time. So, see ya $20!

Do Yard Work

It’s hot out there, y’all. Get your yard work done in the morning before the sun starts beatin’ those beads of sweat off your forehead and onto your garden (generally anytime before 9 PM.)

Savings: While doing yard work in the morning does save you from sweating, it will also save you about an hour of time. $20 once again.

Go To the Laundromat 

Laundromats are calmest during weekday mornings. Tip: Bring more than enough quarters, so you can run multiple loads at a time and expedite the process.

Savings: Get in, get out, and save yourself an afternoon. Two hours of time = $40 saved!

After Lunch

Run Various Errands

If you can get out while the corporate world is still at work, you’re golden. Drop off your dry cleaning, get to Home Depot and Bed, Bath & Beyond before the nine-to-fivers invade. You will cut your errand-running time in half. Tip: If you do have to run errands on your lunch break, try taking a later lunch (1 or 2 PM is best.)

Savings: If errands typically take you four hours per week, and you cut that down to two hours, you'll save $40.

Go To the Grocery Store

Peak shopping time is between 5 PM and 7 PM during the week. If you can avoid the store during rush hour, you will cut your time wandering through the aisles in half.

Pro Tip: Make a habit of going to the store only once a week and plan your meals. You’ll save time and money.

Savings: If you grocery shop for three hours per week, you'll save $30. Wowza!

In the Evening

Go Through the Mail

Although you may not want to hear it, this should happen every night. Peruse and sort your mail each evening so you don’t miss any payments or invites. Five minutes in the evening could save an hour of your weekend, or worse a $30 late fee.

Savings: You'll save about $30 and $20 worth of time. So, win.

Clean Your House

Everywhere is busy during rush hour. Instead of going to the grocery store or running errands during that 5 PM to 7 PM block, head home and get your at-home chores done. This will free up your weekends for fun stuff like hitting the pool or watching a movie.

Savings: A great, really fun weekend. (Priceless!)

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