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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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Start Small: Tabletop Decor

If you want to change up your dining room décor, but don’t know where to begin, start with the table! By making a few small changes, you can avoid spending bookoo bucks on fancy design but still spice things up (literally). Here are three things you can easily change on your table to breathe new life into your dining room:

Photo: RootedInVintage | Etsy

Salt-and-pepper shakers. This is our hands-down favorite item to upgrade in dining room décor. These days, salt-and-pepper shakers come in just about every size, shape and color! You can go cute and kitschy, sleek and retro or just plain classic S&P monograms. Let this tiny décor duo reflect your personal style in a big way!

Napkin rings. Your napkins can double as an art display! Not only are napkin rings a great chance to show off your creative side, but they can really tie a room together by matching with nearby accent colors.

Placemats. Add some new ambiance to the dining room by switching out the spot beneath your plates. Changing up your placemats is a great way to add new texture to your table, whether you enjoy the look of bamboo, vinyl or cloth.

Diggin’ the salt shakers a lot? So are we! Here are some of our favorites:

Photo: InAGlaze | Etsy

Photo: VintageResolution | Etsy

Photo: sewZinski | Etsy

Photo: createhumankindness | Etsy

Photo: HuckleberryVntg | Etsy

Photo: FairyfolkWeddings | Etsy

Photo: flabbyrabbit | Etsy

Photo: HippopoVintage | Etsy

Photo: HuckleberryVntg | Etsy

Photo: theblueapricot | Etsy

Photo: YAMADAYA | Etsy


Photo: createhumankindness | Etsy

Photo: lisabretrostyle2 | Etsy

Photo: whatnotandsuch | Etsy

Photo: WiseApple | Etsy

Photo: RetroGirlRedux | Etsy

Photo: autumnalways | Etsy

Photo: FlourishCafe | Etsy

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