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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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Prolong the Life of Fresh Flowers

Freshly cut flowers from your garden or florist are an easy way to brighten up a room, but sometimes it feels like you blink and your fresh flowers are brown. And wilting. And then dead. It doesn’t have to be that way! With the help of things like your refrigerator and a little bit of fizzy drink, it’s easy to keep your blossoms alive and beautiful.  

Here are six ways to give you flowers a leg up on life:

Start With a Clean Vase 

Even if a vase looks clean, it can still be crawling with bacteria leftover from previous floral inhabitants. Give your vase a disinfecting spritz before putting your fresh flowers in it.
Create Your Own Disinfectant Spray

Give Your Flowers Some Soda

If you’re not using flower food, add a few drops of Seven-Up, Sprite or any other clear soda to your vase. The sugar in these drinks helps keep plants healthy. Note: Diet drinks won’t work!

Change the Water Every Other Day

You wouldn’t sip three-day-old water, so respect your flowers and change the water out at least every other day!

Re-cut the Stems Every Few Days

After a few days in a vase, the stems become waterlogged, which causes the flowers to droop and lose petals. Cutting the stems is like flower botox – it’s not going to fix the problem completely, but it will delay the inevitable.

Keep the Arrangement Out of the Sun 

Trimmed flowers will wilt if they’re too hot, so until floral SPF is invented, keep them away from direct sunlight, appliances and electric lights.

Reserve a Spot in Your Fridge

At night, store your fresh flowers in the refrigerator. This will keep them cool and protect them from harsh furnace or AC air, which sucks out the moisture from flowers and reduces their lifespan.

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