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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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Power Your Indoor Garden with Fish Poop

These days, it’s easy to lose touch with your food. Sure it’s delicious and all, but where does it actually come from? Aisle three of the grocery store? Kind of a weak answer. If you’re looking to foster a closer relationship with your food, we have an idea you’ll like: The Back To The Roots Home Aquaponics Kit.

That’s sort of a mouthful, so BrightNest is unofficially calling it the “Fish Poop Herb Garden.”

Photo: Back To The Roots

This small aquaponic kit (it’s tiny enough to fit on a countertop or shelf) consists of two parts: a three-gallon fish tank and a garden deck. The plants above are nurtured by the water and fish poop below, so the entire thing functions as its own private ecosystem that delivers fresh herbs right to your dinner table.

We’re excited to share this unique garden for two reasons. First, keeping an herb garden is a great way to save some cash at the grocery store on things likes chives, basil and mint (which can get pricey). Second, this is a perfect project for kids – it’s one of those character-building activities that turns them into responsible humans later in life.

The BTTR home aquaponics kit recently raised over $200k on Kickstarter, and can currently be preordered on their site for $60. If you’re not big on herbs, they also sell a similar mushroom kit for $19.95.

If the idea of fish-poop gardening doesn’t excite you, you can always give potless planting a try, instead!

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