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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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Oh My, What a Shiny TV You Have!

How pumped are you for the Super Bowl this weekend? Even if your TV plays more Puppy Bowl than football this Sunday, it’s still the star of the show at this social event. Make sure your guests are paying attention to the action on the field and not the grimy fingerprints on your screen by giving your tube a quick clean!

Here’s how: 

Safety Note: Make sure you unplug your television before cleaning to avoid electrical dangers!

For direct-view TVs. These are the classic, bulky TVs that reigned supreme up until the mid-2000s (when flat screens stole the show). Grab some ammonia-free glass cleaner and a paper towel or coffee filter. Spray the glass cleaner on a paper towel (not directly on the screen!) and wipe the glass until the fingerprints are gone.

For LCD Tvs. Be extra gentle with these! LCD screens are more sensitive than a teenager going through a break-up. Instead of reaching for a liquid glass cleaner, use a soft, lint-free cloth. Turn off the monitor and gently wipe the entire screen in a single direction until the dust is removed. Important: Never, never use a paper towel on an LCD – it will leave tiny scratches all over the surface!

For plasma TVs. If you’re a plasma-person, you have an easy job ahead of you. Plasma screens are safe to clean with a lint-free or microfiber cloth, so just rub the dirt and grime off with that. If it’s extra-grimy, you can use a slightly damp cloth with a teeny-tiny amount of liquid dish soap to wipe away the mess.

For remote controls. If you’ve eaten a meal or two in front of the television, then your remote control is probably covered with food bits and two-week-old BBQ sauce. Ew! Unfortunately, a simple sanitizer won’t clean your remote very well because you can’t get deep into the cracks. Before the Super Bowl, go the extra mile and take your remote control apart and clean all of the individual parts, including the plastic buttons. That way, you can pass the remote without shame.

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