BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.


BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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Meet Jill Pollack: Master Organizer

Everyone wants to be more organized. You would love to have an immaculate kitchen, a toy-free living room floor and a closet that doesn’t kidnap your favorite socks. But it’s not easy. The days are long and busy, and it’s all too easy to skimp on cleanup duty. Before you know it, your house leans less towards “palace” and more towards “pigsty.”

If you’ve always struggled to keep an orderly house, it may be time to get a little aggressive. And Jill Pollack is here to help you amp up your organization game.

Who’s this Jill character? Glad you asked. You know those super muscular personal trainers that you see barking at people in the gym and whipping them into shape? Jill’s like that, but for home organization (and minus the barking). Her clients are busy people who need some help ditching the physical clutter in their lives so they can feel calmer and happier.  

Jill has some serious clout, too. She is currently the host of Consumed – a one-hour decluttering/life-changing TV show for HGTV Canada – and the spokesperson for Schick’s Simplicity Campaign and Avery Labels. Jill has been featured on a number of television programs such as Anderson Cooper Live, New York Live and The Marilyn Denis Show, to name a few.

BrightNest is partnering with Jill so that we can share her best organization tips with you. We kicked things off with Jill’s Top 10 Ways to Prepare for Holiday Houseguests, and we’ll be sharing more of her easy to follow advice in the future.

If all this talk of organization has gotten you excited, here are three of Jill’s quick tips to get you started:

1. Invest in a uniform system of hangers for your closet. You will love how much easier it will be to find something to wear.

2. Don't let your shower or bath be overtaken by half-empty bottles. It should be a peaceful place not a shampoo graveyard.

3. Don't be overwhelmed by catalogs and junk mail. Reduce your paper trail with sites like PaperKarma or

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