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Learn How to Make a DIY Driftwood Jewelry Organizer

This week, BrightNest Facebook fans voted for the DIY project they would like to try, and this DIY driftwood jewelry organizer stole the show! Thanks for voting and happy crafting!

Photo: Visibly Moved

This step-by-step guide from the blog Visibly Moved is easy to follow and has great photo examples! Erin found her doorknobs at her local Habitat For Humanity store for less than $1, but you can find great vintage doorknobs at flea markets, garage sales or thrift stores.

For this project you’ll need: A piece of driftwood, five or six doorknobs (depending on your preference), a drill, a hammer and nails, a ruler and two saw-tooth hangers.

  1. With your ruler, measure the distance between where your doorknob hangers will go so that they are evenly spaced. Make small notches where you will drill.

  2. Take your drill, and make holes in your piece of driftwood where you’ve marked. Make the holes only as deep as the length of the ends of your doorknob.

  3. Attach your knobs to the board using the already drilled holes. If your doorknobs seem loose, we recommend grabbing a hot glue gun and placing a small amount of hot glue on the bottom of your doorknob pieces (the end that will go into the drill hole).

  4. Attach the two saw-tooth hangers to the back of your driftwood, again measuring with your ruler where to place them so they’re even. Use your hammer and nails to nail them into place, or your drill if you are using larger screws.

  5. Mount the piece of driftwood to your wall and hang your jewelry! Organize by length, color or design and say goodbye to jewelry knots once and for all!
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