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Lazy Susans: Awesome, or Awesomely Useless?

These days, there’s an overwhelming amount of gadgets that are supposed to help you be more organized. Before all those high-tech, Wi-Fi enabled inventions, there was the Lazy Susan. This classic, spin-tastic item made its debut in a Good Housekeeping article in 1906 and has been hanging around ever since. But is it really that useful? Do you truly need this circular serving tray to help out around the house?  


We say, “Yes!” Not only are Lazy Susans great for the dinner table, they can be handy in other parts of the house, too. Not convinced? Here are five places a Lazy Susan will make your life better:

In your refrigerator. If you can sacrifice some shelf space, placing a Lazy Susan in your refrigerator is an awesome alternative to cramming everything right up to the back wall of your fridge. Contain messes by placing potentially sticky condiments like oils, jams and syrup on a Lazy Susan. They’re easy to clean, so you’ll spend much less time scrubbing your shelves the next time you give your fridge a good cleaning. Plus, you’ll never lose that bottle of raspberry vinaigrette again!

For your spice rack. There’s more than one way to organize a spice rack, but a Lazy Susan is definitely one of our favorite options. Spin the Susan around to reach those rarely-used spices and keep your more popular spices like oregano and garlic powder front-and-center for easy access.

Under the sink. This area is a notorious dumping ground for household cleaning supplies. Organize them with Suzy! If you have room, install one Lazy Susan for disinfectants, dusters and dish soaps, and another for more specialized items like drain cleaner.

In cupboards. If you already have a Lazy Susan installed in your kitchen cabinets, there’s still room for improvement. Maximize its efficiency by adding small, labeled bins. That way, you can rotate the platform and quickly find the container you’re looking for instead of knocking over everything within reach just to find the brown sugar.

On the dinner table. There’s a reason this is the most common spot for a Lazy-Susan: it makes life a lot easier! Do you ever share your feast of Chinese take-out or eat your meals “family style?” A Lazy Susan placed on the center of your dining room table is perfect for communally shared dishes. You’ll never have to pass the salt again! 

These are only a handful of ways to use a Lazy Susan. What do you use yours for? Tell us in the comments! 

Photo: WoodBeautiful | Etsy


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