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Last Minute Idea: No-Carve Glitter Pumpkins

All that glitters may not be gold, but there’s still a lot to love about sparkles. Whether you’re covering a plastic skull or a pumpkin in glitter, it’s a simple way to make even the most mundane (or cheap) objects festive. Plus, covering something with a little glue and a few sparkles takes less than half the time it would take to carve a pumpkin without any of the danger to your fingers. That’s a double-win for glitter.

Photo: Kori-Lynn

Here at BrightNest, we don’t shy away from things that sparkle. In fact, we seek them out. So, when we came across these DIY glitter pumpkins on the “vegan-tinted” blog Kori-Lynn we had to share her simple tutorial and great photos.

To glitter-ize your pumpkins, you’ll need: Glue, a paintbrush, newspaper, glitter (color of your choice) and small pumpkins or gourds.

1. Unless you’re really into glitter, cover your workspace with newspaper because, trust us, everything this project touches will sparkle afterwards.

2. Paint your entire pumpkin with glue. Don’t be shy – if a spot doesn’t have glue, it won’t shine with glitter, either! The more glue, the better.

3. Pour glitter over the entire pumpkin. It helps to hold your pumpkin by the stem and turn it while it gets a glitter shower so you don’t miss any spots.

4. Shake away the excess glitter onto your newspaper, and let your pumpkin dry.

Shine on pumpkins, shine on.

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