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Is Your House Ready for the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XLVII is almost here, and the Baltimore Ravens will soon be facing off against the San Francisco 49ers. This gridiron showdown will be one for the ages. Think about it. It’s sibling rivalry at its finest (two brothers coaching against each other)! A clash of the coasts! A battle between the harbor cities! A...potential household disaster?

Even if your team isn’t lining up next Sunday, the Super Bowl is always fun. But if you’re hosting a party, it can take a toll on your house. The mix of people, snacks, beer and exciting feats of athletic prowess can lead to spills, stains and a general disruption to your home’s organization. But that’s not going to be you! Here are five ways to prepare your house for the Super Bowl:

1. Mind the tube. Depending on the size of your party, your TV may not be in the best spot. Nothing creates an unhappy partygoer faster than missing an interception, so it’s worth optimizing your TV’s position. Remember, you want as many seating options as possible to face the TV head-on. It’s also best to avoid placing furniture any closer than the width of your TV screen, and no further away than five screen-widths. (If you really can’t make this work, don’t freak out – there’s always instant replay!)

2. Prepare for spilled beer. Any football fan worth their salt is going to have a few brewskies during the game. But when things get exciting, beer tends to get spilled, so you want to be prepared. With a few paper towels, some white vinegar and a spray bottle, you’ll be ready for anything! Go here for step-by-step instructions and some tips for wine stains, too.

3. Be proactive with food stains. It’s not a Super Bowl party without snacks like wings, nachos, and pizza, but all of these foods go hand-in-hand with greasy fingers and gooey stains. For these issues, cool water and mild dish soap is generally your best friend, but it depends on the location of the spill. Make sure you have all the materials needed to clean up your carpet and sofa before kickoff!

4. Organize your living room. If your living room is looking more like a clutter-jungle than a hangout space these days, it may be time for a quick clean. It only takes about 15 minutes to whip things in to shape again

5. Pay attention to other spaces, too. During the party, your living room is definitely the nexus, but don’t forget about the other rooms! People like to mingle during halftime, and some of your guests may want to a private place to mourn in the event of a loss. So, make sure your kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms get a quick once-over before the guests arrive.

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