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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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How To Set Up The Ultimate Guest Bed




It’s easy to neglect guest accommodations. After all, how often are they really used? And when friends or family visit, time is spent planning an awesome trip, not cleaning the bed they’re going to sleep in. So, if you forget that a night on your sofa bed is like sleeping on a bag of rocks, it wasn’t intentional. But that doesn’t make it any less miserable.

Take the time to make your guests more comfortable. Here are some tips on making your guest accommodations cozy:

Unfolding the Sofa Bed?

Lots of Pillows: When setting up your sofa bed, fill all the gaps between the mattress and the frame. The mattress isn’t as plush as a full bed (more on that later) so having a plethora of pillows will snuggle your sofa bed right up.

Extra Blankets: Sofa bed mattresses call for extra padding. An easy way to make a rock-hard mattress plush is to layer blankets under the fitted sheet to add some cushion. This is a great way to give your guest some extra padding, even when the sofa-bed mattress is thin.

Mattress Support: If your sofa bed tends to cave in or the support beams create divots in your guest’s back, consider a support layer between the base and the mattress. Here’s one that can be stored in a coat closet.

Blowing Up the Air Mattress?

Create a Headboard with the Wall: Place the air mattress up against the wall, so that your guests’ pillows won’t fall off the bed.

Add Carpet: It’s best to place the bed on a carpet instead of a wood or laminate floor, so it doesn’t slip. Nothing is worse than sliding while trying to sleep.

Use a Mattress Pad or Memory Foam: Try a mattress pad cover (like this one) to diffuse the air base with some plush. The mattress pad can easily be stored in the bag with your air mattress and extra sheets.

Use a Full Set of Sheets: Fully dress the bed with a fitted sheet, single sheet, quilts and lots of pillows. Truly outfitting the bed will take its coziness up three notches (at least).

Offer a Heated Blanket: Fact: When you’re sleeping a mere few inches off of the floor, you get cold and a normal amount of blankets typically won’t do. Offering a heated electric blanket to your guests will be a game changer. They’ll stay cozy all night and wake up refreshed. Tip: No heated blanket? Go with an extra comforter, instead.

Getting a Guest Bedroom Ready?

Wash the Sheets: Step one: Give your guests the gift of clean sheets. Make a habit of doing the sheets and towels the day before your guests arrive, so they can enjoy the freshness.

Offer a Selection of Pillows: We all have our preferences, and when you’re a soft pillow gal, a hard pillow spells misery. To avoid a miserable houseguest, think like Goldilocks and give your guests enough options to find the pillow(s) that’s “just right.”

Put Candy or a Card on the Pillow: Welcome your guests’ into your home with a personal touch like a card and piece of chocolate on the bed. In the card, make sure to include the wifi password to make things easier for your guests.

Once the bed situation is top notch, make your guests feel at home with these tips.

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