BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.


BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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Home Maintenance - There’s An App For That!

Do you consider yourself tech-savvy? Now you can take your tech use to the next level, and use your digital best friend for more than socializing. Home maintenance has joined the party, with new DIY and decorating apps being created every week. Eliminate frustrating measurement issues, complicated math conversions and color conundrums with a simple touch of your iPhone or Android. Because, there really is an app for that!

There are thousands of home-related apps on the market - here are a few of the most interesting and useful apps to try out during your next DIY project:

BrightNest If you’ve ever struggled to remember when you need to change your furnace filter or test your smoke detector, you’re not alone! BrightNest is an all-in-one home management app that helps you stay organized and on top of your home’s needs. iPhone (Free)

iHandy Level Whether you’re making a bookshelf or simply hanging a photo, keep your angles straight with this free digital level. iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch (Free) and Android (Free)

Space Planning Tool With this app, you’ll avoid the frustrating couch-is-way-too-big realization. You can input room dimensions, create floor plans, make shopping lists, and even input colors and finishes. iPhone/iPod Touch ($1.99) and a different version called ‘Mark on Call’ for the iPad ($1.99)

Dream Home If all you need is a little inspiration, scroll through this slideshow collection of unique and beautiful interior designs. Every week, the curators add new photos for your viewing pleasure. iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch ($0.99) and Android ($1.99)

Handy Man DIY With this app you simply input your room measurements, and it calculates exactly how much paint, flooring or trim you need for your project. It also offers detailed how-to videos to demystify complicated projects. iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch ($1.99)

inchCALC It’s time to forget everything you learned in sixth grade math. With this app, you can input dimensions in centimeters or inches in fraction form, and it tells you the measurement in decimals. You can even input things in squared form! iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch ($1.99)

Palettes Catalog colors for later use with this app. You can grab a specific orange from a photograph, or steal a teal from a website you just discovered. You can even manually add colors! The best part? You can store as many palettes as you want. Go color crazy! iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch (Free to $5.99 depending on level)

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