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Holiday Decor: Pimp Out Your Pinecones

So you’ve set the table with your good china and planned a meal Anthony Bourdain would be proud to call his own. Now what? To make the holidays jump from an “8” to a “10," grab a handful of pinecones and a little bit of glitter, yarn or paint. We know you don’t have a lot of time for tomfoolery during this time of year, so not only is this DIY project inexpensive, it’s also quick and safe for kids! Use the pinecones to decorate your mantle for the holidays, create festive ornaments or add a touch of the outdoors to your dining room table. Here are three ways pinecone crafts can spruce up your seasonal décor:

1. Yarn

First, grab some pinecones and yarn in the color of your choice. Take your yarn and wrap the string evenly around your pinecone, working your way from top to bottom. That's it! The more you layer, the more colorful your pinecone will be. Tip: If you’re planning to hang your pinecone, leave a little extra string at the top and tie it in a loop.

2. Glitter

To make glitter pinecones, grab some spray adhesive, a paper plate and glitter in the color (or colors) of your choice. Hold the pinecone over your plate and spray it an even coat of adhesive. Then, liberally apply your glitter, using the paper plate to catch any extra glitter. Give your pinecone a soft shake to shed the excess glitter and set it aside to dry. It won’t take long!

3. Paint

Grab a paintbrush, acrylic paint (we used neon pink) and pinecones. Dab each prong of the pinecone with paint. If you want a more colorful decoration, paint more of the cone. Note: You may have to apply more than one layer of paint if you’ve chosen a lighter color. To turn your paint-tipped pinecone into a place card holder, take a slip of paper and write or stamp the name of your guest on it. Then, simply wedge the card holder between the prongs at the top of your pine cone. Viola! Pinecone place holder. 

More pinecone décor: 

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