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Holiday Décor: How Much is Too Much?

If you’ve caught a serious case of the holiday decorating spirit, it might actually be time to pump the brakes a little. There can be a fine line separating your abode from being the pride of the neighborhood or the bane of your neighbor’s existence!

Review these five rules to make sure your holiday spirit hasn’t spiraled out of control:

Mind the Regulations

If you live in an area with a neighborhood association, it’s a good idea to check their holiday decoration guidelines. Some of their rules might surprise you, and you don’t want to purchase awesome decorations that you can’t actually use!

Don’t Mess With a Driver’s Visibility

If you’re a lover of large blow-up decorations, more power to ya! Just make sure they aren’t limiting drivers’ vision as they pass your house. This is especially important if your lot is located on a corner. When you place your blow-up Frosty the Snowman or Santa, do a quick driving test (preferably at night) to make sure that you’re not blinding anyone with your holiday cheer.

Don’t Drive Your Neighbors Insane

You don’t need to go into stalker mode, but make sure you’re loosely aware of your neighbors’ floor plans before hanging your lights. Even if you’re the Serena Williams of holiday decorating, your neighbors won’t be happy if they’re being kept awake at night by twinkling lights. Be courteous! If you’re unsure, it’s best to put your lights on a timer. That way, everyone in your neighborhood can sleep well and you’ll be saving energy.

With Twinkle Lights, Sometimes Less is More

Twinkle lights are pretty, so it's easy to get a little carried away. If you ended up wrapping every single thing in your living room with lights, you may want to put a few back in the box. Follow this rule of thumb: Only wrap a handful of items with tinsel, lights or garland. Yes, that means five. And yes, that includes the tree.

Don’t Linger With Your Lights 

The holiday season lasts (unofficially) from Thanksgiving to Three Kings Day (January 6). So holiday lights are considered appropriately festive until then. After that date, it’s time to take down the lights and start focusing on Valentine’s Day.

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