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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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Gettin' Fizzy with It: Clean With Coke

You’ve heard it keeps chocolate cake moist, and you know it’s delicious with everything from popcorn to pizza. But, did you know that Coca-Cola Classic is handy around the house, too? This fizzy, Atlanta-brewed soda can be used to clean pots and pans, cut through rust and even rescue your wardrobe. So, enjoy a tall glass of Coke (rum is optional) and then use the rest of your two-liter to get down to business. 

1. Your Bicycle

If your trusty Schwinn has developed a layer of rust, reach no further than your kitchen cabinet to make it look brand spankin’ new again. The acid in Coca-Cola Classic cuts through rust like nobody’s business! Simply pour some Coca-Cola on a rough textured cloth and then rub it in a circular motion on the problem area. For more rust-fighting tips, read: Remove Rust Stains.

2. Your Pots and Pans

Next time you burn the rice or leave the pasta on a little too long, reach for a can of Coke instead of the dish detergent! To restore your pot or pan to its former glory, pour an entire can of coke into it and then put it on the stove at low heat. The acid in the Coke will break down the black grime on the pot, making it easier to clean. After an hour or so, wash your pot as you normally would, and you should be grime-free. For more tips on maintaining your cookware, read: Care For Your Pots and Pans.

3. Your Clothes

It doesn’t matter if the grease comes from your last meal or your last trip into the garage – it’s nearly impossible to remove from your favorite shirt. To prevent your wardrobe from becoming a big stain factory, empty a can of Coca-Cola Classic into a load of laundry along with your usual detergent. Run it through a normal cycle and you’ll have grease-free clothes again in no time. Tip: This also works for removing bloodstains from clothes, so soccer uniforms can stay pristine, too!

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