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Erase the Evidence! Easy Ways to Remove 8 Sheet Stains




What happens in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom. That is, except stained sheets. (Especially if somebody new is gonna see those sheets soon, ya know what I’m saying?)

No matter what the damage, it’s usually possible for your sheets to look as good as new with the right stain-fighting tactics.

Don’t be shy! Let’s get a little dirty and talk about sheet stains. Here are eight ways to deal with common stains:


How do you fix a wine hangover? Vodka. How do you fix a wine stain? Vodka. How do you stop a winey friend? Vodka. No really, this is real life, and vodka fixes more than you think.

Soak the wine stained sheets in vodka and then wash the sheets on high heat. Voila! Vodka saves the day.


We say we don’t want to know, but we do. How did it happen? Did you take a drunken spill and hammer-slap your knee into the curb, then neglect First-Aid until the next morning? Maybe it was just an innocent nosebleed? Whatever led to the blood stain, it’s nothing some dish soap, salt, water and an old toothbrush can’t fix!

To remove blood, combine two tablespoons of salt, one tablespoon of liquid dish soap and one cup of room temperature water. Dip the toothbrush into the mixture and scrub out the blood stain. Be gone body fluid, be gone.


Ain’t nothin’ wrong with eatin’ a midnight snack under the covers. But, snacks can stain. Next time pizza sauce falls onto the sheets, spray a stain-removal solution on the trouble spot and wash the sheets on high heat.

Tip: Don’t apply the stain remover to the sheets until after you’ve undressed your bed. You don’t want the solution to soak into your mattress.


Even if you’re “not a drooler,” we’ll just leave these instructions here for general knowledge.

Drool stains should be taken care of as soon as possible. But if you wait a few days to take action, and the stains start to get yellow and crusty, there’s still a way: Soak your sheets in Oxyclean overnight and run them through a normal wash cycle on high heat. This also works for “other types” of drool like spit up and bile.


You can blame the dog if you want … and we’ll leave it at that.

If there’s a pee stain on your sheets, soak the soiled sheets in one quart of warm water and one tablespoon of white vinegar for one hour to remove stains and any lingering odors. Then run the sheets through a normal wash cycle on high heat.


In our world, craft night also means wine night. If you fall asleep with some dye on your face after a late night of Malbec and making things, no need to stress over a stained pillowcase in the morning. You wash away dye in the exact same way you’d remove pee – Mama Vinegar has you covered.

To reiterate: Combine one quart of warm water and one tablespoon of white vinegar. Soak your sheets for an hour and run them through a normal wash cycle on high heat.

Dog Hair

Kicking Rex out of the bed is not something we endorse. But, we understand having his hair all over your sheets isn’t ideal. All you need is a moist rubber glove to remove pet hair.

Wear the rubber glove and run your hand along the bed. The glove will pick up the pet hair and roll it into an easily disposable ball. Now back to snuggling.

“Other” Stains

What do we mean by “other”? Oh, just some common bed stains like deodorant and … well … we think you know. (Sex is usually involved.)

Remove these unspoken stains by soaking your sheets in ice-cold water for six hours, then soaking them in Oxyclean for an additional six hours. After the twelve hour cycle, run the sheets through a normal dryer cycle.  

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