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Do you have a washing machine?


Draft Dodging Ain’t a Crime, It’s a Money Saver!

Fight chills by dodging drafts! As the wind whips around outside of your home, keep your indoor temperatures toasty with these easy-to-make draft stoppers.

Photo: Tyson Bodnarchuk | Etsy

Drafts from leaky doors or windows are more than uncomfortable – they’re expensive! Drafts can consume up to 30 percent of your home’s energy usage. Put a stop to these expensive and unnecessary leaks by busting out the sewing machine and starting your next craft project: a DIY draft stopper.

They’re easy to make! All you need for this project is: a tape measure, scrap fabric, filler (sand, kitty litter, dried rice or dried beans), a sewing machine or needle and thread, googly eyes (optional) and felt (optional).

1. Grab your measuring tape and measure the length of the leaky door or windowsill. This will help you determine how much fabric you’ll need.

2. Choose your scrap fabric. Old T-shirts, denim jeans, ties and tights can easily be repurposed into draft stoppers.

3. If you’re not using tights as your scrap fabric, you’ll need to sew an outline before filling your draft stopper. First, measure the length of your fabric, which should be the same length as your leaky door. Next, measure your fabric’s width. You’ll want your fabric to be at least four inches wide. Cut two pieces of fabric from this pattern, and then sew the two pieces together. Make sure to leave an opening at the top to stuff your draft stopper!

4. Fill your tights or sewn scrap fabric with sand, kitty litter or dried beans. If you’re a coffee lover, try coffee beans! Stuff your draft stopper until it’s full, but make sure you have enough room at the top to sew it shut!

5. Sew the ends of your draft stopper closed so that the contents don’t escape onto your floor.

6. Get creative! Give your draft stopper a pair of googly eyes and a felt tongue to make it a snake, or floppy ears and a nose to model it after your pooch!

7. Place your new draft stopper at the base of a leaky door. If more than one door is causing problems, you better get crafting!

This week’s DIY project was chosen by our Facebook fans. If you’d like to vote for the next project, like us on Facebook and keep your eyes out for the next vote!

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