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DIY Kitchen Décor: Paint Dipped Wooden Utensils

You should enjoy cooking in your kitchen almost as much as you enjoy eating your food, right? If your cookery has become less than inspiring, brighten it up with this colorful DIY project! You probably have a few wooden spatulas and spoons in your kitchen, so take a minute to rummage around your drawers and cabinets to see what you can find. If pickings are slim, a set of wooden utensils is super cheap and can be found at any home décor store. Here’s how to add a little burst of color to your cooking tools:

No time to DIY right now? No problem. We found this gorgeous 6-piece set of paint dipped kitchen utensils on Etsy for only $30!

1. Gather your supplies. You’ll need: wooden kitchen utensils, painter’s tape, food safe shellac sealer, craft paint, paintbrush, a paper plate and a drying rack. If you don’t have craft paint handy, spray paint or leftover interior paint works, too!

2. Wrap the painter’s tape just above the handle portion of your utensil in an even line (so you’ll get a clean separation of color and wood once you remove the tape). If you’re nervous that your paint will bleed, give yourself a little leeway by wrapping the tape around the handle an extra time. Note: If you’re using spray paint, cover the remaining portion of the utensil so you don’t accidentally spray above the tape line.


3. Time to paint! Squeeze your paint onto a paper plate, and then dip your paintbrush into it. Apply the paint in small amounts to your wood utensil. Once the handle is fully covered, set it aside on your drying rack. Note: If you can still see the wood texture underneath, apply a second or third coating after the first layer is dry.


4. Once the paint is dry, lightly spray on a coat of food safe shellac sealer to give your wood cutlery a glossy look (and to make them safe for handling food). Wait for the shellac to fully dry.

5. Now the best part: carefully remove the blue tape to reveal a crisp, clean line, stick them in a jar or other container and wait for your next guest to ask, “Oooh, Where did you buy those?” Note: Make sure to only hand wash your newly decorated utensils so that your awesome new look doesn’t get washed away.

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