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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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Calling All Toys! It’s Time to Get Organized

Christmas has come and gone in all of its wrapping paper-laden glory, and we bet more than a few new toys have arrived on the scene. If the newcomers have already managed to overwhelm your current toy-organization system, it may be time for an overhaul. Here are five great ways to keep better track of the toys in your house:

1. Chalkboard Paint Labels. If keeping toys organized has been a struggle in the past, labels will probably be a big help. By keeping different types of toys separate, you’ll avoid that living-room-anarchy situation that can develop when nothing really has a proper place. Chalkboard paint is a great option because you can make it yourselfapply it anywhere and switch up your labeling system at anytime.

Photo: decadentdesigns | Etsy

2. Wire Baskets. If buckets are the SUV of toy-organization, wire baskets are the luxury sedan: sleek, classy and stylish. To set this up, simply grab some wall-mounted wire garden baskets from your local gardening or hardware store and attach them to your walls. Done! Just make sure they’re low enough for your kid to reach.

3. Buckets. Whether they’re made out of plastic, fabric or metal, buckets are a great place to throw your toys. You can place your buckets on shelves, or just designate a corner of your kid’s bedroom/play area as the toy-bucket spot.

Photo: NikJDesigns | Etsy

4. A Hanging Shoe Holder. Shoe holders are good for more than stiletto storage! If your little one has developed a surplus of stuffed animals, why not have some of them live inside a spare shoe holder? To make sure the furry friends are happy in their new abode, you can decorate the holder with your kid before moving day!

5. Basement Bins. It’s a hard truth, but toys get old (sorry, Woody). If your kid has outgrown his teddy bears and moved on to Legos, it’s time to move those unused-but-not-forgotten toys into deep storage. If they’re going to the basement, the last thing you want is to lose some childhood keepsakes to water damage or pest infestation, so keep them in well-sealed bins and on shelves (preferably metal).

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