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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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Buddy System: 5 Home Tasks You Shouldn’t Do Alone




When you have a problem to tackle, it can feel empowering to try it alone. You don’t need anyone. You’re strong and independent! And really, what’s the worst that can happen? Well, a lot, actually. Calling a friend or two to help can be the difference between physical harm (to you and your house) and a job well done. Still not convinced? Let’s paint a few pictures:

Cleaning Your Gutters

Alone. It seems easy enough. Climb up the ladder, grab the gunk and clamber down, right? So you don your favorite “I’m doing chores” shirt, break out the ladder and lay that sucker against the house. You’re fishing out leaves and dirt and everything is going great… until you reach a little too deep into the dark gutter world. Down comes the ladder, and you become one of the more than 164,000 ladder-related emergency room visits in the U.S. each year.

Together. A buddy that owes you a favor shows up ready to help. With your friend holding the ladder, you’ll stay safe and stable while you clean (as long as you follow basic ladder safety rules)! Bonus: You’ll have a DJ at your disposal to play awesome gutter-cleaning jams while you do the deed.

Carrying Furniture Downstairs

Alone. You’re rarin’ to go and ready to move, but your friends who promised they’d help didn’t show. “Who needs ‘em?” you think, and you start to lift a chair. All’s good until you hit the stairs, and then your plan quickly unravels. The angle of the stairs makes that chair a lot heavier than it seemed before, and you take an extremely dangerous tumble down the stairs!

Together. We get that even with the promise of beer and pizza, sometimes friends flake out on moving day. If you can’t get anyone to commit to the move, go ahead and handle the first floor by yourself, but make sure a friend is by your side when you go upstairs. Carrying a couch downstairs can be an awkward experience, especially if your heights aren’t even close to matching up, but it’s a lot more fun than being crushed by a La-Z-Boy.

Removing a Door

Alone. That blasted door won’t stop squeaking. And it’s slowly driving you insane. You’ve heard that butter or even olive oil will fix it, so you raid your kitchen and then start to take out the hinge pin. As it loosens you realize this was a bad idea, but it’s too late to jump ship! Your heavy wooden door comes crashing down, narrowly missing your toes. Hope you weren’t attached to that lamp!

Together. Guess who’s there to catch the falling door? A friend. They’re standing, so the weight of the door is no match against them. No harm, no foul, and you’re able to fix that annoying squeak once and for all.

Moving a Sofa

Alone. It’s a Sunday afternoon and you’re bored with your living room arrangement. Why not move the sofa and spice things up a bit? You pull it this way and that until you’ve found the perfect spot. Then, you turn around, and see all of the scratches your sofa left behind. Uh oh. Replacing a hardwood floor isn’t cheap!

Together. You lift. Your friend lifts. The sofa is moved. And your floors don’t become a casualty. Done and done!

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