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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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Bring the Sexy Back (to Your Entryway)




Photo: West Elm

When a guest or hot date walks into your house, who do they see: someone with eclectic taste in art or someone who can’t solve their clutter problem?

First impressions are more than just the clothes you wear and the charming stories you tell! People pay attention to what’s in your house. Think of your entryway as a quick glimpse into the essence of you.

What are you all about? More importantly, do you want to seem more interesting and, dare we say it, sexier?

Give your entryway a makeover and incorporate these ideas to give off an interesting vibe:

Eclectic Art

Few things scream sexy like great taste in art. Add a few funky pieces to your entryway. Save your money for that hot date - art doesn’t have to be expensive! Buy art directly from artists around the world on Art Finder and Etsy at affordable prices, or visit your local art market or art walk to find talent in your area.

Bonus: An art walk makes an awesome first date! The walks are typically free, involve live music and food, and are funky in a good way.  

Modern Console Table

Photo: Monarch

We highly recommend putting a table by the front door as a catch-all for keys and whatnot, but let’s be real: tables are boring. If your entryway is decorated with a blah wooden table with as much personality as a Honda Accord, it’s time to step up your game.

A modern look like a ghost table or something in metal will make a big impact, plus tell your special guest that you’re detail-oriented (which may matter later, if you get our drift).

Personal Touches

You don’t want your house to look like an Airbnb rental, and the best way to do that is to add a personal touch or two. When someone enters your house for the first time, it’s nice to see that you have family, friends, and maybe even a life beyond that third date (or first date, no judgment).

Think Tinder: When people make profiles, they take the time to curate the right pictures of themselves to send the best first impression. Follow what we call the “Tinder formula” for framed photos and display one active photo, one photo with a dog or child and one photo of you looking great (with friends, of course).

Mood Music

If you watch any 1950’s film, the formula for a sexy night in is lowlights, a martini and music. While we don’t expect or encourage you to have a martini in the entryway, a little music never hurt. Place a system by the door so mood music is only a click away.


While a houseplant isn’t as overtly sexy as mood music, it does show that you can keep something alive, which is always good. If you actually aren’t great at keeping plants alive, fake it with a hardy succulent.

Catchall Basket

Clutter is not a good look for anyone, but the spot by your front door can be a magnet for mess. Accept that there will always be stuff by the door, and put a large basket there to catch everything. That way, you’ll prevent a stumbling over shoes situation when someone enters your home.

Bonus: A clutter-free entryway will feel great even when you’re solo on a Tuesday.

Inviting Candle Aromas

Not all smells are created equal. If you’re interested in making your date drowsy, place some lavender by the front door. If you’re in the mood for something more active, though, try vanilla or black licorice. (Black licorice has been shown to make women…excited.) To make life easy, place a matchbook or two next to the candle.

Subtle Storage for Doggie Details

If you have a dog at home, why are you going on dates? You already have a soulmate! Okay, just kidding. You do, however, probably have dog-accouterment around your home including dog toys, a leash and...poop bags. Toys, leashes and photos are good for the entryway! Poop bags are not. Put those in a drawer or box with a lid.


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