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Be Heartless: Decorate for Valentine’s Day Without Hearts

Photo: 645Workshop | Etsy

Between the heart-shaped candy, cookies, Hallmark cards, and whatever else you can possibly think of, it doesn’t take much for this default Valentine’s Day symbol to get old. Fast. But, that doesn’t mean you should completely skip the decorations! Go rogue this Valentine’s Day and be heartless with your décor – literally. Here are six chic and classy ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day without using hearts:

Foreign Languages

There are a million different ways to say “I love you,” and that’s mostly thanks to all of the unique languages around the world. There’s something romantic about seeing the way different cultures communicate this meaningful expression. Create your own wall art by incorporating those famous three words in a unique pattern, or put a unique twist on the class wine charm or throw pillow.

Photo: NeueGraphic | Etsy


If executed correctly, decorating with lace can be much more beautiful than just a few doilies here and there. Use lace for a tablecloth, around a candle or as a garland to add a touch of delicacy to your mid-February décor. 

Photo: craftupyourlife | Etsy


Decorate your house like your signing a love letter! “XOXO,” or “hugs and kisses” is one of the most universally recognized symbols for showing affection – all the more reason to decorate your home with it for V-Day! This saying makes a romantic addition to a mantle without overdoing it.

Photo: amycnelson | Etsy


If you want to take a more traditional route, but still want bypass the heart-shaped madness, go with flowers. Red roses not your thing? Try ranunculus, tulips or even paper recreations to make a gorgeous bouquet. There’s no need to stop with one bouquet, either – place some on your windowsill, on your kitchen countertop or even on your front door as a wreath. Saint Valentine would be proud of your décor skills!

Photo: SouthernGirlWeddings | Etsy


There are a handful of phrases that do a great job of showing some love on Valentine’s Day, but what they’re written on can either be a tasteful, touching display or a tacky disaster. We suggest avoiding conversation hearts and sticking to small, easily interchangeable accents like throw pillows, wall art and tabletop centerpieces.

Photo: CherryCute


othing adds a little cheerfulness like some poms. Make the most of unused ceiling space by hanging some red, pink or white poms overhead. A perfect touch for a Valentine’s Day party, poms beat out hanging hearts any day of the week! 

Photo: lilipoms | Etsy

Here are a few more ways to decorate for Valentine's Day without using hearts: 

Photo: BrightJuly | Etsy

Photo: thepixelprince | Etsy

Photo: PomTree | Etsy

Photo: KatieScarlettBoudoir | Etsy

Photo: elegantholidays | Etsy

Photo: MsBlissDecor | Etsy

Photo: stephlovesben | Etsy

Photo: IntialExpression1 | Etsy

Photo: PerfectPoms | Etsy

Photo: CountryChiq | Etsy

Photo: paintitgreen | Etsy

Photo: dragonflies | Etsy

Photo: TastySuite | Etsy

Photo: VintageChicImages | Etsy

Photo: sherisesweet | Etsy

Photo: bannerbanquet | Etsy

Photo: PomTree | Etsy

Photo: thepixelprince | Etsy

Photo: JoshuaByOak | Etsy

Photo: katerynaG | Etsy

Photo: RamseyStreetDesigns | Etsy

Photo: TheLonelyHeart | Etsy

Photo: bluechinastudio | Etsy

Photo: thesweetunfolding | Etsy

Photo: FlowerThyme | Etsy

Photo: ShapeFoundry | Etsy

Photo: AlternativeBlooms | Etsy


Photo: InsomniacsCloset | Etsy

Photo: SeptemberLane | Etsy

Photo: FlourishCafe | Etsy

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