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Bath Time: Tips for Cleaning Your Dog

Giving your dog a bath does more than cover up that tell-tale doggie smell. A regular scrub-a-dub-dub can also sooth painful “hot spots” and remove pests like fleas and ticks. There’s no set formula for how often you should bathe your dog – we say, if he or she likes to get muddy, they better like bath-time, too! Unfortunately, going outside to wash your pup isn’t always an option, especially if there’s nasty weather.

Here are a few tips for giving your dog an indoor spa treatment:

Pick the right shampoo. Only use shampoo formulated for dogs. Many breeds have fur and skin that are rich with natural oils, and human shampoo will strip them away. Your dog wouldn’t do that to you!

Keep the door closed. Most canines aren’t huge fans of bath-time, so make sure they can’t escape mid-suds. Keep your doors closed until you’re ready to let them roam your house. The last thing you want is that wet-dog smell spreading around your house.

Use rubber mats. To keep your pooch from sliding around the tub, place a rubber mat on the bottom of the tub surface. A slip or slide could injure your four-legged baby, and the steady footing will help keep him or her more relaxed.

Protect your bath supplies. Use a plastic pitcher to rinse your pup so that you don’t endanger your more fragile bath supplies or freak your dog out with faucets and shower heads. Note: Make sure all of the soap is completely removed from their fur — not only will soap make a mess, it can also irritate your dog’s skin.

Skip the hair dryer. For many dogs, the sound of a hair dryer is more traumatic than the bath itself, so use old (but clean) towels instead. Before you open the bathroom door, wrap your dog in big, fluffy towels and rub your pet until they’re dry.

Break out the treats. If you give your dog a treat after bath-time, they won’t run and hide next time you break out the doggie shampoo. Give your four-legged friend a lot of love and they’ll look forward to the next good clean!    

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