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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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Answering the Age Old Question: Where Does the TV Go?

You crowd around the TV to watch football games, pile on the couch for movie marathons and snuggle up in front of it on date night, but is it really in the right place? If you’re always fighting over the "good spot" on the couch, or straining your eyes to read those subtitles, you might need to move your television!

If you’re fed up with your TV’s location, try one or more of these relocation tips:

1. Locate a Good Power Source

Before you can find the perfect spot for your TV, you need to find a good power source. Make sure there are enough outlets to handle your DVD player or sound system that connect to your TV. If you’re having trouble with this, a power strip and an extension cord may come in handy.

2. Avoid High Traffic Areas

Having a TV placed near an entrance or walkway increases the likelihood that it will get knocked over or damaged. Plus, nobody likes it when people are continuously walking in front of your TV and ruining your favorite scene in When Harry Met Sally.

3. Be Aware of Lighting

If your TV room has an overhead light, it’s useful to also set up a few lamps around the perimeter of the room. You want to keep these away from the screen, and at least a few feet away from your seats, so that they don’t create a glare. If there are windows in the room, try to avoid placing your TV across from them, which will also create glare. If this isn’t possible, you can always install some opaque shades over the windows to draw when you're watching TV.

4. Rearrange Furniture Only if Necessary

Even if you live and die by CSI: Miami, not every piece of furniture needs to be turned towards the TV. You do, however, want your main seating supply (sofa or large chairs) to face the TV head-on, not from an angle. As a general rule, avoid placing your furniture any closer than the width of your TV screen, and no further away than five screen-widths.

5. Avoid Armoires

Unless you’ve got some serious electronics that tend to be an eyesore, there’s no need for this gargantuan piece of furniture to consume your living room. A TV stand or cabinet that matches the rest of your furniture will look much nicer.

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