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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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An Ode to the Bar: 5 Household Uses for Bar Soap





Bar soap is famous for its work in the shower, but it can do a lot more than clean your body! Since it smells great and has lubricating qualities, you can use a bar of soap as your sidekick for a number of household tasks.

Here are five of our favorite household uses for bar soap.    

1. Make Laundry Detergent 

If you’re looking for a way to cut your laundry costs, make your own detergent! This simple move can save as much as $300 per year. All you need is a bar of soap, washing soda and borax (or citric acid). For a detailed step-by-step, read: Make Your Own Laundry Detergent.

2. Stop Squeaky Hinges*

A squeaky door is about as annoying as nails on a chalkboard, so you don’t want to live with that sound for long. For a permanent fix, you’ll probably need to replace your hinges. But if the noise is driving you insane right now, a little chunk of bar soap can kill the squeak temporarily. Rub it against the hinges until it’s worked deep into the hardware. Tip: Moving the door back and forth while you rub helps work the soap deeper into your door.

3. Freshen Up Drawers

Since bars of soap generally smell fantastic, they’re great at freshening up confined spaces. Wrap a spare bar of soap in a breathable fabric (cotton gauze are a good option) and place it inside a musty drawer or cabinet. You can also add one to your winter clothing storage binTip: Our hands-down favorite brand for this is Mrs. Meyer’s Basil Soap Bar. It literally smells like a zesty field of flowers.

4. Repel Rabbits

If you’re growing some tasty vegetables in your garden, the last thing you want is a rabbit mooching off your crops! These creatures are notoriously difficult to deter, but one possible solution is laying out some pouches filled with scented soap (the folks at Curbly suggest Irish Spring). This trick can also be used to ward off deer.

5. Lubricate Screws and Nails* 

Sometimes screws and nails just refuse to cooperate. If you’re working on a project and encounter a stubborn customer, butter it up with some soap! Simply rub the bar of soap against the tip of the screw or nail before you drive it home. Bonus: If you’re nailing or screwing into a piece of wood, this can help prevent the wood from splitting.

*For both of these tips, it's best to avoid using a glycerin-based soap. Glycerin attracts moisture from the air, so over time it can cause rust on your metal hardware. 

Don't have any bar soap at home? Check out these beautiful options:

Photo: Offbeat + Inspired

Photo: SpottedOwlSoaps | Etsy

Photo: TheLittleRagamuffin | Etsy

Photo: SakuraBathAndBody | Etsy

Photo: GingerGreySoaps | Etsy

Photo: TheLittleRagamuffin | Etsy

Photo: GingerGreySoaps | Etsy

Photo: SoapForYourSoul | Etsy

Photo: SummerfieldSoaps | Etsy

Photo: GingerGreySoaps | Etsy

Photo: SummerfieldSoaps | Etsy

Photo: Celerbrate-Creativity

Photo: barebar | Etsy

Photo: SakuraBathAndBody | Etsy

Photo: GingerGreySoaps | Etsy

Photo: SoapYourForSoul | Etsy

Photo: SummerfieldSoaps | Etsy

Photo: The Beauty Gypsy

Photo: GingerGreySoaps | Etsy

Photo: HerbivoreBotanicals | Etsy

Photo: SakuraBathAndBody | Etsy

Photo: Magellan's Gifts

Photo: SummerfieldSoaps | Etsy

Photo: Come Home Soap

Photo: Soap Is Beautiful

Photo: SunlitSoap | Etsy

Photo: Danann_1

Photo: SoapForYourSoul | Etsy

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