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A Wild Storage Solution: Mason Jar Animal Lids

It’s no secret that we’re mad about mason jars. They’re fun, inexpensive and great for organizing odds and ends around the house. But what happens when you add a few big-game animals to the mason jar mix? You get a wild storage solution that’s perfect for any playroom! Here’s how you can make your own mason jar animal lids: 

You’ll need: lidded mason jars, super glue, spray paint and small, toy animals (these can be found at most hobby supply stores or online for about $10). 

1. Carefully glue your favorite animals onto your lids. Place them in the center of the lid and press down firmly. You want to give the glue plenty of time to dry to make sure the animals are safe and secure atop their new home!

2. Step outside (or grab a few layers of newspaper) and place your animal lids on the ground. Spray an even coat and let them dry. For expert spray painting tips, read: Spray Paint Like a Pro.

3. Once the first layer is dry, apply a second coat if necessary. Remember, it’s always better to go with two coats instead of trying to do it all at once — otherwise you may wind up with drip marks. For a glossy finish, add a coating of clear acrylic sealer.

4. Let your colorful creations dry overnight and then start organizing! Our favorite things to jar for playroom storage? Crayons, craft beads, markers, fabric scraps and Legos. A colorful zoo animal can also be a great way to encourage your kids to start saving — toss in those nickels and pennies for a personalized piggy bank!

Don’t have the time to DIY? We found some great pre-made mason jar organizers on Etsy! Here are our favorites: 


Photos: DangerCatByEmeli | Etsy / elyellapaperdesigns | Etsy


Photos: juxtapositionsc | Etsy / LindseyDanielDesigns | Etsy


Photos: HirosHeart | Etsy / DangerCatByEmeli | Etsy

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