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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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9 “Type-A” Tips to Save Time, Money and Be Awesome




What if we told you that over the next year, you could make it to the gym three times a week, never lose a sock in the wash again and have enough money to take yourself on a beach vacation?

Type A personalities tend to do things like plan and organize and set goals pretty naturally. And although we think Type B personalities are cool, too, it’s worth picking up a habit or two from your Type A friends – you’ll be surprised how much easier life can be!

Here are 9 typically "Type A" tricks worth trying:

1. Use a Mesh Bag to Wash Socks

Does your dryer eat socks? To stop this irritating conundrum from happening again, wash and dry your socks in a mesh bag. That way, your pairs will stay together. Tip: To make this easy, attach the bag to your laundry hamper with safety pins or a chip clip. When you toss your clothes in the hamper (or hampers), put your socks in the mesh bag.

2. Use Two Hampers

Having one hamper for darks and one hamper for colors could save your favorite white shirt from your ready-to-bleed-in-the-wash-black skirt. Protect your clothes. Protect your laundry sanity. Plus, this saves you tons of time when you’re tossing things in the wash. Never sort again!

3. Make a To-Do List

The best part of to-do lists? That awesome feeling when you cross things off. If you’re already into making “Type A” to-do lists, try this trick to up your to-do list game even more.

4. Hand Wash Clothes

If you only have a few things to clean, try hand washing them. This trick will work for delicates and dry-clean only items, saving you time, money and a potential headache.

5. Ruthlessly Organize Your Closet

Start with three piles: Keep, Donate and Toss. Then, start organizing your Keep pile by style (casual to dressy) or by color. This way, when you’re looking for your all-star outfit, you’ll know where to turn. For more tips, read Organize Your Closet.

6. Make a Weekly Routine

Remember when you said you wanted to get to the gym three times a week? Or wash your sheets once a week? To ensure that you keep your goals, set out a weekly routine with designated gym days, laundry days and anything else you think should reoccur. Watch your goals soar!

7. Use CD Organizers For All-Things-Paper

Right now, how do you organize your take-out menus and coupons? If the answer is, “What do you mean by organizing coupons?” you could probably benefit from a CD organizer. The pocket organizers are the easiest way to store all of the small paper pieces you’d like to hold onto. To get the most from your coupons, read Coupon Like a Pro.

8. Put Together a Meal Plan

Pick up a chalkboard or whiteboard and start gettin’ serious before the grocery store by planning your meals for the week. Not only will you save time and prevent extra trips for forgotten ingredients, you’ll save money too!

9. Create A Monthly Budget

Start keeping tabs on where your money is going to allocate your cash appropriately. Maybe you want to set a “travel” allotment so you can take that beach vacay next year! Tip: To get started, check out sites like LearnVest or Mint.

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