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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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8 Ways to Avoid the Sunday Sads at Home




We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but Monday always follows Sunday. And Monday is a bummer. Because of this, Sunday can be full of dread for a lot of people – a phenomenon that’s become so widespread it has many names. The Sunday Sads, Sunday Scaries and Sunday Blues all mean one thing: you’re wasting the end of your weekend with worry (and possibly a hangover).

Let’s take Sunday back, people! It doesn’t have to be so bad. Extend your weekend and keep the scaries away with these tips:

1. Switch Up Saturday and Sunday

Take a few hours on Saturday and knock out any pesky chores or must-do-it-before-work tasks. Getting things done on Saturday morning will free up the rest of the weekend for some quality relaxation time, and you’ll avoid the dreaded “I have so much to do today” feeling on Sunday morning.

2. Plan a Dinner with Friends

Raise your hand if you’ve spent Sunday evenings cruising the internet or flipping through channels. We’ve all been guilty of wasting time, but the truth is, Sunday evenings are a great time to go out to eat and catch up with friends. You’ll have something to look forward to all weekend long. Not only will you extend your weekend, restaurants will be less crowded than on Friday or Saturday night.

3. Institute a “No Email” Rule

“I can get ahead,” you thought. “It won’t hurt anything.” Wrong, wrong, wrong. Checking your email on a Sunday night will lead you down a work rabbit hole that will stress you out and ruin your Sunday night. Trust us, it can wait until Monday morning. After all, that’s what Monday mornings are for.

4. Be Nice to Yourself

Save your self-care rituals for Sunday. If you’re into massages, make sure you set up the appointment for Sunday afternoon. If you love sitting in the steam sauna at the gym, take a little me-time on Sunday. Or, simply make it a habit to visit a yoga class on Sunday. Turn the Sunday sads into Sunday self-care, and feel better on Monday morning.

5. Drink Less on Saturday Night

This may seem like common sense, but when you’re out on the town, it’s tough to resist another round. Stay strong! Instead of ordering another martini, order a seltzer and imagine a Sunday morning where you don’t feel like death.

6. Make a Super Smoothie

If you skipped tip number five, make Sunday less painful with a hangover-fighting smoothie. You’ll need coconut water, frozen bananas, and fresh ginger. The coconut water will hydrate you, the banana will calm shaky muscles, and the ginger will settle your stomach. And, it’s delicious.

7. Go to Bed Early

Let’s be honest: Sunday feels rough because Monday is so bad. Make Monday less painful by getting a great night’s sleep on Sunday. Set a goal: Try to be in bed a solid two hours before your normal time. You’ll feel energized and ready to face the week ahead.

8. Save Your Shows for Sunday Night

We know, we know, we said not to watch television all night. Hear us out. It’s okay to watch television on Sunday night if it’s shows that make you really happy. If it’s an event – like Game of Thrones or Mad Men – you’ll look forward to it all week long. Order in something delicious and enjoy your shows.

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