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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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7 Ways Water Makes Life More Difficult




Water is great for drinking. Especially that first, deliciously cool sip the morning after you got kinda drunk on wine the night before. Playing in water (oceans, pools, lakes) is also good.

But when water goes on unauthorized adventures around your home, it’s less-than-fantastic. So even though we need the ole’ H2O to survive, it’s worth being a little careful about how it can affect your home.

Keep an eye out for these seven water-damage problems:

1. Ruined Wallpaper in the Bathroom

Cranking your shower temp to the hottest possible setting might be an easy way to transform your bathroom into a luxurious sauna, but the steam could irreparably damage any wallpaper in the bathroom. If you’re remodeling your bathroom and considering the wallpaper route, stick to vinyl, which won’t wrinkle and bump due to steam and moisture.

2. Ugly Drink Rings

Mayonnaise and white vinegar may be enough to tackle rings on finished wood, but for harder, unfinished wood furniture (usually valued in the hundreds), you’ll need to sand the ring down with some fine grit sandpaper. Yikes.

Instead, use coasters! Problem solved. Tip: If you do have to break out the sander, pause and inspect frequently to make sure you’re not creating a divot in the wood.

3. Overflowing Toilets

Dealing with a clogged, overflowing toilet is a really good way to have a crappy day (ZING!).

To avoid this whole mess, make sure that nothing goes down the toilet except paper specified for toilet use. Should the worst occur, trying this clever de-clogging trick – it may just save the day!

Tip: If you’re having a party, place a sign on or near the toilet to remind guests not to get creative with the items that they flush.

4. Musty Clothes

Letting your laundry linger in the machine leads to mustiness and mildew, especially after a cold wash. Tip: If you have a “set it and forget it” approach to laundry, set your phone alarm to remind you when it’s time to dry. Bonus: Getting clothes into the dryer faster will also reduce wrinkles.

5. Soapy Messes in the Kitchen

Ever mix up dishwasher detergent and liquid dish soap? One will turn your kitchen into the saddest bubble party ever if run through the dishwasher by mistake.

Suds won’t ruin your $300 dishwasher – that is, unless you don’t clean out the errant soap before running another load of dishes. Scrubbing the walls of your dishwasher with olive oil and a soft rag should pop those bubbles!

6. An Overloaded Freezer

If you’ve ever grabbed the nearest kitchen utensil and tried hacking at the back of your freezer to dislodge some chicken cutlets, your freezer is iced-over. (Also, you shouldn’t be doing that.) If you damage your freezer, you may need to drop hundreds of dollars to replace it.

Instead of getting violent with the ice, follow these steps to thaw your freezer the right way.

7. Frozen Pipes

According to State Farm Insurance, the average claim for water damage due to frozen pipes is around $15,000. To prevent this costly problem, try this: Leave your sink trickling when outside temps dip below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This will force pressure into the pipes and reducing the chance of a freeze.

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