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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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Do you have a washing machine?


7 Ways to Hate Laundry Less

Laundry. The carrying, the sorting, the folding and the putting away. It may not be difficult, but cleaning your clothes is a time-consuming, pain of a chore that we hate doing. But if you want fluffy, mildew-free towels, clean undies and a functional wardrobe, the laundry room is a necessary evil. Here are 7 ways to hate laundry less:

1. Clean your dryer ducts. If your biggest grievance against laundry is the time suck, then be more diligent about cleaning your dryer duct! A clean duct will ensure your dryer does its job as fast as possible and doesn’t waste energy.

2. Make a date. Instead of doing laundry a few times a week so it feels like it’s taking up all of your precious time, make a laundry date. If your favorite show is every Thursday at 8 PM (so you know you’ll be home), make it a productive hour and do your laundry during the commercial breaks. This way it won’t seem like such a time-kill!

3. Don’t fold your socks. This may seem a little radical, but hear us out. There’s no need to fold your socks and underwear. Just throw your underthings in a drawer and call it a day. Think about the time you’ll save when you’re folding!

4. Make a game out of it. When you’re folding your clothes, compete against yourself (or your children if they’re helping). Set a stopwatch and time yourself. How long does it take for everything to be folded and put away? Record your time, and compete against yourself the following week.

5. Bribe yourself. If all else fails, bribe yourself. Withhold a sweet treat, a glass of wine or even a relaxing bath until your chore is done. That way, you’ll finish quicker and appreciate your treat even more!

6. Do less laundry. No one said you have to clean everything each time it’s worn! Smell test that beast. If you only wore it once and it doesn’t smell, it’s okay to put it back in the closet. We won’t judge you.

7. Save money while you clean. If laundry is a serious budget drain for you, read: Save Money on Laundry. Maybe if it isn’t so expensive, you won’t hate it as much!

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