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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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7 Simple Projects That Can Cover a Ticket to Hawaii




That’s right, we said Hawaii. If you implement these seven projects around the house, you’re likely to save around $1000 in a year. And that’s enough to get you beachside in no time. Sound like a plan?

Great! Here are seven simple projects that will save you cash:

1. Re-Grow Your Green Onions on the Windowsill

Love green onions? Once you’ve chopped a batch of green onions to the root, throw them in a mason jar full of water and set the jar on a windowsill. Pay attention to the water level and top it off when it starts to evaporate. In a week or so, they should be fully grown again.

Potential savings: If you buy a batch of green onions once a week, this trick could save you more than $100 in a year.

2. Don’t Buy Art – Make It!

Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, there’s a project out there for everyone. Check out sites like Pinterest and the BrightNest creative section to see if any projects catch your eye. Tip: This super simple (and affordable) nail art project is a great place to start.

Potential savings: Make five pieces of art, save $250!

3. Install a Low-Flow Showerhead

Low-flow showerheads, also called aerating showerheads, give the impression of high-pressure water flow while actually conserving water. If you’re ready to make the switch, use this guide to choose the low-flow showerhead that’s right for you.

Potential savings: $100 a year on your water bill.

4. Clean the House, Have a Yard Sale

Cleaning out your closet is always fun. (Mostly because it’s an excuse to fill it back up again, amiright?) But don’t stop there! Go through the kitchen cabinets, grab the artwork that’s been sitting in the laundry room, and audit your housewares and furniture. Then, make a craigslist post advertising your cross streets (no need to put your exact address) and the times you will be outside. Fill the yard, make a cocktail and watch your old items turn to cash.

Potential savings: If you sell an old chair that nobody in your family has used in years, some glassware and a few pieces of clothing you should make about $50 without breaking a sweat. Clear the yard, and you’re looking at about $250.

5. Plant Some Trees

Did you know that planting trees on your property can increase the value of a home by 15 percent? Plus, adult trees on the west side of a home will reduce your AC needs by 30 percent. Double bonus! Make your yard look lush and bask in the savings.

Potential savings: $360 a year on your electric bill.

6. Make Some Killer Candle Holders

Instead of forking out lots of cash to decorate your home, grab a few bowls from your kitchen that are about the size of your fist, fill them with coffee beans and place tea-light candles on top. Looks great. Smells even better! For a full step-by-step, visit Maiko Nagao.

Potential savings: $100 on lanterns and replacement candles.

7. Change Your Air Filter

This one’s really important! Fortunately, it’s pretty simple, too. Old air filters collect dust and dirt and prevent your furnace system from functioning properly. Check out the owner’s manual to see what kind of filters your system needs. Then, make sure you have the right filter on hand so you don’t need to run to the store every month. Tip: If you're interested in having the right filter delivered to your door, try FilterEasy.

Potential Savings: $20 a month off your utilities.

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