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6 Baller Upgrades for Your Bathroom




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Ancients Romans may not have had modern toilets or steam showers, but they had a leg up in the bathroom department: heated floors! Yup, thousands of years ago six a.m. cold feet weren’t a problem thanks to hot water pumped through pipes under floors. Genius, right?

Just like the ancient Romans, you deserve some luxury in your life. If you’re ready to take your bathroom game to the next level, invest in one of these baller bathroom upgrades. You deserve it.

1. Install a Vessel or Glass Bathroom Sink

Sure, you’ll kill germs at any old sink, but how basic is that? Vessel sinks are stylish, easy to install and modern. Plus, they’re not just a pretty addition – they’re higher than traditional sinks, which makes them more ergonomic and comfortable to wash your hands in. Win!

What will this cost me? You can find good glass of vessel sinks for less than $150. Installation costs, on average, between $140 and $200.

2. Upgrade to Heated Floors

Waking up is hard to do, but waking up when it’s 5 degrees outside is downright impossible. When frigid temperatures make waking up and stepping into the shower a miserable task, picture this: Hot floors warming your feet and toasting your bathroom. It’s not a pipedream! Heated floors may have been around since the Romans, but they’re just now making a comeback in modern bathrooms.

What will this cost me? If you’re ready to heat it up, there are two options to choose from: hydronic or electric floors. Electric floors are far more economical and can heat an average size bathroom for about 10 cents a day once it’s installed. Initial installation will cost about $500-$700 depending on the size of your bathroom. See ya, slippers!

3. Re-Tile Your Shower

They say if you want to know someone’s age, look at their hands. In the bathroom, the aging tell is shower tiles. Shower tiles have a tough job - every time you shower, you’re adding a layer of scum to the tiles that, over time, shows wear. And do we even need to mention the dirty grout? To give your bathroom an upgrade that will pack a big punch, retile your shower.

What will this cost me? The cost of your shower re-tile completely depends on the size of your shower. An average shower of about 100 square feet will cost roughly $1,000. For a more exact estimate, visit Homewyse.

4. Add Window Treatments

Window treatments are a low-maintenance, quick way to upgrade the look of your bathroom. You literally buy and hang. No installation, no mess and less money spent than on your average date night. When you’re choosing treatments, pay attention to how they handle moisture. In the bathroom, you want them to be resistant to moisture and fast-drying to prevent mold growth. Tip: If you don’t have a bath fan, or can’t open a window to ventilate your bathroom, skip the window treatment – mold’s too great a risk.

What will this cost me? Installing new window treatments will take about an hour of your time. For price, we recommend shooting for a middle-of-the-road option. Anything too cheap, and you’ll be replacing them in less than a year. We like this treatment from Bed Bath and Beyond because of its classic shape, six color options and $39.99 price point.

5. Massive Windows

If you live downtown in an urban environment, this upgrade probably isn’t for you. But if you have some privacy and relish in the idea of a relaxing bath and a view, this may be the upgrade for you. When we say massive, we mean massive. (Like this and this.) Big windows make a huge statement, add natural light and will make your bathroom feel more livable.

What will this cost me? This install isn’t for the faint of heart or the shallow of wallet. Your average window replacement costs anywhere from $14,000 to $30,000. Why the range? It depends on what you’re working with currently, what type of window you want and what other upgrades you’re doing. We’re not saying it’s cheap, but it can still be worth it!

6. Hang a Chandelier

Chandeliers shouldn’t be relegated to the dining room or front parlor. Nope, chandeliers look awesome in bathrooms, too! While they have a fancy shmancy name, chandeliers are really just really ridiculously good looking light fixtures. You use your bathroom every day, so why not look at something you enjoy?

What will this cost me? If you have a handy-woman or man in the house, you’ll just be forking over cash for the cost of the chandelier. Scour antique markets for a deal on an elegant old piece, or pick up this elegant new piece from Land of Nod for $139. Not your style? This beaded, boho chandelier from World Market may be for you. Get the wordly look for $269.99.

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