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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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50 Shades of Green: A Painting Story

Much like the mind of Christian Gray, deciding on the right color for a wall is …complicated. I’ve got this fantastic accent wall in my living room that just smacks you in the face when you walk through the front door – begging for attention – but for a long time I had no idea what color to paint it.

I’d toiled for weeks about what do, and finally decided to go wild and paint it green. But, “green” is more complicated than you think. Key Lime, Mint, Moss, Seafoam Spray, Asparagus – these are just a few of the choices that were causing a sort of painting paralysis. My palm was itching to paint, but I just couldn’t commit. It’s a bucket of paint, not a legal contract – so what was my problem?

After a few months of agonizing, I finally managed to pick a color - Forest Green - and whip that wall into submission. And the result is fabulous! If you’ve been suffering from a similar fate, there is a cure! Use these simple steps to break free from paint-color bondage!

1. When in doubt, pin! Create a Pinterest board and pin every single shade of that color you come across. It’s really helpful to see all the shades next to each other and makes it easier to eliminate shades you aren’t completely over-the-moon about.

2. Take it for a test drive. Bring home samples of a few shades you’ve narrowed it down to and paint a substantial portion of the wall. This is a low-commitment, high-reward task and will help you see what the shade looks like in both natural and ambient light.

3. Make sure everyone gets along! Place a piece of artwork or furniture that is a staple in the room next to your paint swatches. Choose the shade that best compliments your furniture and artwork.

4. Let your friends help. If you’ve narrowed down your choices and are really diggin’ all of them, ask for a little help. Invite a few friends over who have great style, pop open a bottle of vino and get chatty.

5. Just do it. Pick a shade. If you hate it, the world will not end. Just repaint it with your second favorite option!

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