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5 Ways To Transform Your Dresser

Dresser drawers can hold more than t-shirts and tube socks. Instead of tossing your old dresser or passing on a shabby thrift-store find, transform it! With a little magic and even less work, a dresser can become a baby-changing table, a kitchen island and even a flower garden. Plus, dressers offer storage solutions for small spaces.

Here are five of our favorite transformations:

1. Bathroom Vanity. If you’re redoing a bathroom, consider placing your sink in an old dresser. You’ll add storage space and character to your bathroom.

2. Bench. If you remove the top of the dresser and all of the drawers, you’re left with a perfectly sized seat. Add plywood and some cushions, and you’re ready to sit.

3. Kitchen Island. If you replace the top of your dresser with marble, granite or a butcher block, then voila! You have a kitchen island with storage.


4. Baby-Changing Table. This transformation is simple. Place a cushy pad on top of the dresser, and it’s now a baby-changing table!

5. Garden Planter Box. Empty drawers make beautiful planter boxes. Simply cut a hole in the top to plant in the top drawer, and then open the other drawers so that they’re staggered for more planting space.

More unique dresser and dresser drawer transformations:


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