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5 Ways to DIY Your New Year’s Eve

Photo: ABannerAffair | Etsy

Whether your New Year’s Eve party theme is Midnight Black, White Wonderland or All that Glitters is Gold, you’ll save money and hassle by DIYing your decorations! These ideas can all be made super fast (the confetti cleanup is another story), plus they’ll give you a little creativity boost.

Ring in the New Year with these DIY decorations:

Photo: Amanda Lillie | Etsy

Glitter Champagne Flutes

Add some glitz and glamour to your toasts with these sparkly champagne flutes. You’ll need some multi-surface glitter craft paint, a small foam paintbrush and clear acrylic coating spray. Pour a small amount of the craft paint into a bowl. With your foam brush, lightly dab the glitter around the bottom part of the flute. Remember not to go too far up the flute, otherwise your guests will be sipping glitter with their champagne! Once the glass is adequately sparkling, spray a light amount of acrylic coating on the glittered portion and let them dry. Cheers to your savvy DIY skills!

Black-Eyed Pea Centerpiece

In the Southern United States, black-eyed peas have been used at NYE parties for decades. They’re known to bring good luck on New Year’s Day, so they’re a fortuitous addition to any party this time of year. Pick some peas up at your local supermarket for less than $5 and toss them into a bowl or dish that matches your party theme. Who knows, maybe the extra good luck will help you keep your resolutions this year!

Photo: ArtsDelight | Etsy


It’s not a party until a garland shows up! Make your own New Year’s swag with a little string and cupcake liners or paper circles. If you’ve saved some of your wrapping paper from the holidays, you’re already halfway there! Punch out circles from leftover wrapping paper with a hole-puncher or pick up some cupcake liners that match your party colors. Then, take a needle and thread and push a hole through your circles or liners, threading them through so they’re evenly spaced. Tie a knot on both ends, and you’re done!

Photo: Heart and Craft

Drink Stirrers

No evening would be complete without a twist to your classy cocktails. These DIY tinsel drink stirrers from Heart and Craft add the perfect final touch to your party! To make them, simply snip off a small piece of tinsel from your Christmas tree, and then use a hot glue gun to attach each tinsel piece to its own wooden skewer. 

Party Hats

Instead of purchasing party hats for your guests, print them! Whether you want a crown or a traditional cone, all you need for this project is a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun to secure the seams. Best of all, there's a ton of printable hats online, usually for free! 

Need some more inspiration? Check out these New Year's Eve decorations:

Photo: Gfetti | Etsy

Photo: radicals | Etsy

Photo: GlitzGifts | Etsy

Photo: Gfetti | Etsy

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