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5 Unique Ways to Label Your Plants

Photo: daisychesnut | Etsy

Is your yard looking a little dull? Is your windowsill a bit empty? DIY garden tags will spruce up your indoor or outdoor garden and remind you what plants you’re growing at the same time! The best part? This functional flair can be made with items you already own! Check out these five do-it-yourself plant marker ideas: 

1. Clothespins

Think clothespins are just for laundry? Think again! Not only can they display photos in a unique way, clothespins also look great in an indoor garden. Write the plant name on the side of each clothespin, and then pin them to your potted plants or seedling starters to help you remember what’s what.

Photo: Glue and Glitter

2. Wine Corks 

If you’ve been a BrightNest reader for awhile, you probably already know a thing or two about upcycling wine corks. Here’s another tidbit of upcycling knowledge to add to your repertoire: corks make great plant markers! To make wine cork markers, grab a few wooden skewers, pop a cork on the ends and label them with a Sharpie. That’s it!

Photo: Eat Drink Better

3. Rocks 

Want a fun project for a rainy day? Teach your kids how to create plant markers! Paint rocks to look like the vegetables you’re marking and write out the name of each one above the design.  Your children will learn what each vegetable looks like, and you’ll have some really cute art in your garden. Tip: To seal the design, add a layer of Mod Podge to the rock once you’re finished painting.

Photo: Lu Bird Baby

4. Washi Tape Toothpicks 

To add a splash of color to your indoor garden, attach washi tape to the end of two toothpicks. Instant plant flag! Check out the full how-to at Curious and Catcat. All you need is some washi tape, toothpicks and a Sharpie!

Photo: Curious and Catcat

5. Twigs

Cut off a section of bark from a twig, grab a colored Sharpie, label the wood and you’re done! DIY secret: Use a potato peeler to scrape off the bark. That way, you’ll have a perfectly smooth surface to write on.

Photo: Please Note

Don’t have time to make your own? Here are a few of our favorite garden marker finds: 

Photo: MapleApple | Etsy

Photo: daisychesnut | Etsy

Photo: nataliepozniak | Etsy

Photo: noJOisaverage | Etsy

Photo: BeachHouseLiving | Etsy

Photo: bling33 | Etsy

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