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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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5 Pro Tips for Kitchen Organization

How clean is your kitchen right now? How clean is it really? Even if everything looks all Leave it to Beaver-organized on the outside, it’s easy to hide a Hoarders-esque situation behind your cupboard doors.

No matter how bad things have gotten, it’s never too late to whip your kitchen into shape! Jill Pollack, our organizational wiz and HGTV host, shares five kitchen organization tips to get you started:

1. Add Bins to Your Fridge

Does your family plow through sandwiches and salads during the week? Keep your fridge under control by adding “salad” and “sandwich” bins. Plastic or metal baskets that fit nicely on your shelves work best for this. Just be sure to wash the bins once a week to keep crumbs and germs away.

2. Install a Tension Rod

The under-the-sink area is notoriously messy. Maximize your storage space with a tension rod! Place it as high as possible so you can easily hang your spray bottles on it, leaving room for washcloths, rags and heavier supplies underneath. Tip: Keep these supplies organized with a Lazy Susan.

3. Use Both Sides of Your Pantry Door

A hanging shoe organizer on the back of the pantry door is perfect for storing canned food and dry goods. This clever storage option makes it easy to spot supplies that may otherwise be pushed to the back of the cupboard and forgotten for months (or even years) at a time. For more ways to use your doors, read: There are Two Sides to Every Door, Use Them!

4.Put Your Ice Cube Trays to Work

Ice cube trays are good for more than margaritas. Add them to your junk drawer to keep small items like nails, rubber bands and thumbtacks organized. To keep the drawer from becoming cluttered, make a rule that if “junk” can’t fit in the tray, it doesn’t belong in the drawer! For more ideas, read: Four Other Things to Put In Ice Cube Trays

5. Control Your Reused Bags

Reusing those Ziplocs isn’t just for your penny pinchin’ grandpa! It’s one of the three “Rs” of recycling best practices! However, it’s easy to let those bags dominate an entire drawer. Keep things organized by using an empty tissue box to store your old bags. For tips on cleaning reusable bags, read: Reusable Bags: Good For the Earth. Good For You?

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