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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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5 “Outside the Box” Decor Ideas to Try This Week




Are you bored with your bedroom decor? Do you have a “blah” attitude about your living room? How about your dining room - do you yawn just thinking about it? We feel you. Even if you change up your decor scheme on the reg, sometimes a room just feels stuck in a rut.

Help your home stand out! Try one of these five offbeat decor ideas:

Photo by Helen Norman, Courtesy of Lauren Liess

Throw Down a Rug in the Kitchen

Once you try this out, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner! If your kitchen is small, use thick, bold patterns to prevent the space from feeling cramped. If your kitchen is larger, try using a detailed rug to add some texture to the space. Tip: If you want to spruce up a kitchen tile or flooring you don’t like, this is an easy solution to help cover it up (we won’t tell anyone).

Add a Massive Statement Piece in the Guest Bedroom

Think of your guest bedroom as the opportunity to really divulge in your creative side - you don’t have to spend much time in there, yet you have the chance to wow anyone who visits. Which is why we say, bring on the statement pieces!

We’re not just talking a tiny trinket or new bedspread - we mean furniture. Spend some time browsing the thrift stores in your neighborhood and you are guaranteed to find a piece of furniture that can totally steal the show (think gigantic mirror, desk, headboard or dresser). And, that’s what you want - a focal point that livens up a room.

Try a Bunch of Knickknacks...A Whole Bunch

If you want some visually-satisfying decor, remember: there is strength in numbers. Use your shelving space or bookshelves to display a collection of multiple items that are similar in style, or get eclectic and weird with a lot of variety (both work!).

For example, try the same size and color terracotta pots (with different plants on a windowsill, a collection of similar-shaped jars in the kitchen, or a few of the same candles in your bedroom. Our brains naturally gravitate towards symmetry, so this is perfect for adding a bit more balance to a room that feels a bit hectic.

Cover Your Throw Pillows

Throw pillows ain’t cheap, but they do add a certain element of “put-togetherness” to a room’s design. Whether it’s your sofa in the living room, a sitting area on your patio, or extra space on your bed, they’re a must-have. The downside? Throw pillows get worn out and dirty super fast. Enter: pillow covers. Instead of buying all new pillows, change up your pillow covers every so often for a burst of freshness in your home’s decor. (There are literally hundreds of options online, but here’s one of our favorite prints.) 

Photo: West Elm

Swap Out a Light Fixture

Chances are you actually did think of this one (go you!) but probably not since you first moved in to your place. It’s time to revisit that stroke of genius! Like repainting the walls, changing your light fixture is one of the simplest ways to totally revamp your decor. Something like this Kudu table lamp from West Elm will get people's attention for sure. If you want to soften the flow of the room, try a fabric drum-shaped fixture. If you are looking for a bit of color, try this retro shade. And, if you want something a little in between, go with this.

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