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5 Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Divine

There’s nothing like a fresh-smelling home. But instead of spending money on candles and other store-bought air fresheners, why not learn ways to create natural scents? Here are a few ideas you can try, many with products you may already have in your household.

This post originally appeared on HellaWella, which takes the stuffiness out of the healthy lifestyle culture, and gives people tips on living healthy in the real world.

Simmerin’ Scents

The author of the blog Make It Do suggests throwing together a stovetop potpourri with a quartered orange, cranberries, cloves and cinnamon sticks in a pot full of water. Simmer on low and replace the water as needed.

Simply Vanilla

It can’t get much easier than this: Pour a couple tablespoons of vanilla into a coffee mug, place it in the oven and set to about 300 degrees for an hour. Your entire house will smell like freshly baked cookies!

Frugal Furniture Sprays

The three ladies at the blog Homemade Mamas know how to save money on sprays to help furniture fabrics smell fresh and clean. Simply mix a couple cups of warm water with a quarter cup of liquid fabric softener and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Shake it up and spray away!

Lovely Lavender

According to WebMD, some aromatics can help lift your mood — and lavender is one of the herbs that do the job. Fill small satchels with the purple-and-green sprigs and place in dresser drawers or closets, or hide on shelves in bathrooms, and instantly enjoy the natural smell!

Homemade Scented Jar

Better Homes and Gardens magazine recommends creating a simple air freshener by placing baking soda and about eight drops of essential oil in a mason jar, then covering the jar with a piece of cheesecloth and placing the ring on top of the cloth and screwing it shut.

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