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5 Design Patterns with Passion

From plaids to florals to simple stripes, patterns in home design are a goldmine of unique décor decisions. But it’s easy to squander their potential because you’re afraid of “doing it wrong.”

We say it’s time to embrace patterns! Using powerful patterns in your home décor is easier than you think. Just follow the 60-30-10 rule, add some solid colors here-and-there (so your eyes aren’t completely overwhelmed) and trust your instincts. Don’t be afraid to mix different patterns together, either – they can show your personal style! Be bold, and try one (or more) of our favorite design patterns:

Photo: West Elm

Chevron. We wanted to revisit this inverted-V pattern because it’s a good excuse to have some fun! Our favorite way to use chevron in the home is with large accents like area rugs, wallpaper or curtains. If you want a room that shouts “CHEVRON!” from the rooftops, turn an IKEA area rug into a chevron masterpiece with this step-by-step.

Polka Dots. Even though this pattern has a youthful reputation, it shouldn’t be restricted to just the playroom! Polka dots go extremely well with other patterns, and are frequently paired with floral designs for a casual, bohemian vibe.

Geometric. We’re calling it right now: Decorating with geometric shapes is going to be one of the hottest décor trends of 2013. The symmetrical effect of even the simplest shapes makes this pattern incredibly easy to incorporate into the home. Not convinced? Try it out on something small like a flower vase, throw blanket or shower curtain.

Faux Bois. There’s a reason why this design is making a comeback. Faux bois (meaning fake wood in French) brings a certain calmness to any room because the human eye accepts this pattern as a naturally occurring theme throughout nature. The best part about faux bois is that you don’t have to stick to earth tones when decorating – you can go with whatever color palette speaks to you.

Neon. Ok, so this isn’t exactly a pattern, but it is one of our favorite ways to jolt a room back to life. Because this design trend is especially bold and brilliant, be careful about going overboard – a little goes a long way. That’s why we suggest aiming for accents when decorating with neon! Small doses allow you to add a pop of color with only a few objects, so you won’t be spending a fortune buying all new upholstery. Tip: The smaller the object, the brighter it can be without jarring the eye. 

More design inspiration: 


Photo: WindandWillowHome | Etsy

Photo: AbbysVinylWallArt | Etsy

Photo: jadeflower | Etsy

Photo: MwMoon | Etsy

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