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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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4 Ways to Break Your Vacuum

If your holiday shopping list has already filled up with gifts for other people, give yourself the gift of a new vacuum this year. Old one still working? Don’t sweat it – just break it! That way, you’ll have the perfect excuse to grab the newest model on the market. If you’re not sure how to lay waste to that ancient Oreck, give one of these tried-and-true strategies a shot. You’ll be heading to the store for a replacement in no time.

1. Suck up some nails. Loose change might break the v-man, but it’s not a sure thing. Instead, seek out some nails or screws (the garage is a good place to start). Sucking these bad boys up is kind of like setting off a landmine inside your vacuum – it should shred things up nicely.

2. Aim for dairy. If you can’t find any errant nails, there’s still hope. The next time you spill a bowl of cereal or drop some ice cream on the carpet, reach for your vacuum. The dairy will spoil inside the hoses and bag, creating an awful odor. This won’t break it, per se, but it will create a pretty good incentive for buying a replacement! 

3. Unplug with haste. Once you’re done vacuuming a room, instead of hiking all the way back to the outlet and gently removing the plug, give that beast a hard, long-distance yank (preferably from a funny angle). Eventually, you’ll bend the prongs into some terrible, distorted shape so they can’t be reinserted into an outlet. Bonus points if you manage to break a prong off entirely!

4. Never change the bag. This isn’t the fastest strategy, but it’s reliable. By never changing out your vacuum’s bag or container, all of the fans and hoses will eventually become clogged with the dirt and dust from your floors! You’ll know this is working because your vacuum will become progressively noisier and less effective. Then, one fine day, it will simply stop working.

Not so sure you want to kill your vacuum after all? Understandable. If that’s that case, try some of these vacuum maintenance tips!

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